Small Dog Doors ? Advantages and Disadvantages

Small dog doors are made to provide security to your small pet dogs and puppies. Since, small, toy dogs are playful and loves to roam around, these doors can give them special access and escape route if bigger animals are chasing them.

Lets talk about pet doors for a while. In general, dog doors, or most often referred to as doggie doors, are small swinging doors that can be installed in an entrance or wall.

They can give access to your pet animal without making necessary assistance in letting them in or out of the house.

It is a very convenient device since pet owners can actually do their daily chores or activities without interruption since their pet has freedom on wherever they want to go. You can also eliminate scratches and damages from your doors and furniture.

However, there are different kinds of dogs that an individual can choose to own a pet dog. Some of us would love to own the large ones while some would love to play with the small toy dogs.

Whatever we choose, each pet needs care and security. That’s why in providing protection and security, without compromising their freedom, dog doors are made.

Advantages of Small Dog Doors

Small pet doors are made to allow access to puppies and small breeds of dog like Chihuahuas and Teacup Poodles. Most dog owners find themselves being a “door man” especially if he have puppies to look after.

Since the animal is small, they are more likely carefree and playful. Small pet doors are made for them to fit and give access to the backyard to play. You won’t need leashes or chains to restrain them. They can go freely, move in and out of the flap without hurting themselves and with minimum effort.

If big pets are bullying your puppy, this door can be its protection and escape route. Of course, when they enter this kind of door, the bigger animals will remain on the other side since they are not fit to enter the small pet entrance.

Why does knowing your pet size and weight important before you install a dog door in your house?

This is to make sure that your pet door is fit for your dog. Imagine installing a small dog door and you have a Rottweiler dog? It doesn’t make sense, does it? You can’t use the pet flap for it. On the other hand, if you have a small dog and you purchased a large pet door, any animals can come and go inside your house.

There are types of small dog doors for different types of entrances: wooden, vinyl and even sliding patio types. The flap, which is very popular kind of dog door, is usually made of aluminum or high impact vinyl, are durable, lightweight and very easy to install. This type comes with installation instructions. They require less or no maintenance at all once installed.

Disadvantage of Small Dog Door

One common disadvantage of having a small dog door is they don’t grow as the animal grows. Of course, its size stays the same even if the puppy becomes an adult.

Most owners are not sure if they would really like to install a lesser size pet door.
Whenever your pet dog gains height and weight each day, the door becomes small and unfit to them. For this reason, you need to upgrade the doors often which is costly and takes your time too. This is also to avoid bruises to your dog if the door becomes small for them.

No matter what your dog size is, it is important that you take care of them. Providing their needs will lessen your cost and load if done accordingly and properly. It is our responsibility as a pet owner to protect and give them their needs so they can also function better in our care.

Keep in mind that it is important to get your pet’s measurement too before choosing the right door size for them. Providing a dog door that fits your doggie or cat would also give comfort to your pet.

Visit dog doors guide to learn more about small dog doors. You can also find great information about dog house doors.

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