Question by εїз: why do people always say “spay+neuter”? even on unrelated questions?
i’m not saying you shouldent! and i don’t want to cause a row but people always say ”spay+neuter” as an answer to everything! in most cases it is the answer but i asked about food and got this reply!

i have a female dog with champion bloodlines and wouldn’t spay her for the world! as her pups will be amazing with the right dog!
so why do people say “spay+neuter” when they don’t even know your situation?
no not a backyard breeder! -at all!
when i breed my dog the pups will be pure-bread also! my aim is to carry on the bloodline as best i can! and preserve it for the future!
yes i can understand why people say it! i really can!
i just wonder why they say it when they don’t know your situation!

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Answer by Autowerks Liesza
Blame it on the epidemic of backyard breeders and puppies for profit. The average owner is not responsible enough to manage an unaltered animal, so many dogs end up on chains and in the pound. They are just trying to make a positive impact on the problem, so you shouldn’t take it personally unless you resemble the backyard breeder title…..

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