Question by xapryl: In Training POLICE Dogs, Is it humane? Or Do they beat the Dog? (Just asked but I need to specify question)?
My friend told me that they beat the dogs while in training for Service Police Dogs, is this true?

Well my boss bought this really expensive protection dog, it has been trained for 2 years professionally as a protection dog – its been trained like a police dog.

I saw him kick the dog once because it wasn’t paying attention to him. This wasn’t during a working session – this was just at his business office – so I made a comment to one of my co-workers… I told them if i saw him kick the dog once more im walking out the door.

Then my co-worker said “how do you think those dogs are trained?” they get beat on to make sure they dont let go when they are biting until the handler gives the “off” command – etc…

I beg to differ because i feel that if they beat dogs to train them – then the animal rights people would not allow them to train these dogs.
If you can please site a source
thanks so much for all your responses =) It has helped me confirm that I am not crazy to believe that was wrong of what he did

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Answer by waffleage
i work at a police/fire station (here they’re together in one building) and we have police dogs – and they’re not trained like that, they’re trained physically but not meanly and most police dogs speak dutch!

that guy was probably just mean to his dog because he was frustrated – which isn’t right -you should bring it up to him next time and confront him.

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