What is Excessive Licking? Read More of the Dog Symptoms of Licking

If your dog spends his time licking himself repeatedly, it may be time to pay closer attention to your dog’s licking habits and dog licking symptoms.

Some dogs lick themselves to the point of self-mutilation for a variety of reasons. Boredom, lack of entertainment or stress could cause your dog to begin licking his paws, legs or some other body part. Is your dog constantly following you and sitting down when you sit then starts to lick himself? If this is the case, he’s probably simply looking for something to do. Could you take him out for a walk now?

Dogs are like humans in the sense that they also have unhealthy quirks or habits that they start doing when they are bored. For example, take a look at people waiting in line in grocery stores. Can you spot some of the sneaky habits that people have to entertain themselves when they are bored or anxious while waiting in line?  Dogs also have little habits that grow out of boredom. Some women may run their hands through their hair without even thinking about it and some dogs lick their paws or other body parts out of habit or boredom.

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors bred and domesticated dogs for the purpose of being worked. Now that society’s needs have changed, dogs are no longer used as workers unless they are used on a farm for herding sheep or hunting. The purpose of dogs has evolved from helping people to survive to a being a fury friend with loads of energy.

Other dog licking symptoms result in open wounds and lesions on your dog’s body. These lesions could become infected with bacteria and spread to the rest of his body via your dog’s bloodstream. Such infections could cause severe health problems if not dealt with promptly.

There are occasions when licking is beneficial. For example, when a puppy first comes into this world, the mother will lick him clean to remove all natal debris. The licking also helps puppies breath and it stimulates bowel movements. There is no evidence to suggest that excessive licking at birth by the mother would result in puppies developing a licking habit that could cause health problems later on.

Another reason behind your dog’s excessive licking could be allergies. If you believe that your dog suffers from allergies, you should document your dog’s licking symptoms and take him to see a veterinarian. The vet may suggest an allergy test and should provide possible treatments for your dog. You should know, however, that allergy tests for animals can run as high as 0 for a dog.

In order for the vet to perform the allergy test, your dog will likely be put under some mild anesthesia. The procedure shouldn’t last more than 20 to 30 minutes and your dog will be a little drowsy afterwards. The vet normally uses another drug to reverse the anesthesia and your dog should feel a little more awake after the second drug. There will be a shaved patch on the underside of your dog, but the hair will grow back soon.

After the vet has completed the allergy test, he or she will probably discuss the various treatments available. You should consider the options wisely without forgetting about the financial consequences. Now that you can recognize some dog symptoms for licking, you should be able to help your dog feel more relaxed by properly addressing the issue and getting the right kind of medical treatment for your dog.

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