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Training and Working of Sports Dog Breeds

It is easy to train sports dog breeds as they have an innate desire to learn and are highly intelligent. These dog breeds are one of the easiest of all dog breeds when it comes to training them. Due to generations of interacting with humans, sporting dog breeds have an instinct of understanding their trainers or owners expectations.

These amazing breed of sporting dogs includes the pointers, setters, retrievers and spaniels. They are also referred to as the gun dogs or the bird dogs but there is a common notion that the tracking breeds and chasing breeds are part of the category of sporting dogs. However, apart from this notion, sporting dogs are basically the dogs used to hunt birds and fowl. They are not trained or used to hunt mammals or any other type of game.

It is good to know that while working with the sports breed of dogs that they are not natural watchdogs not are they possessive of items. They are by nature gentle dogs which have been bred for centuries to turn over bird game to their masters without hurting the carcass of the fowl. They are retrievers of game and thus trained to carefully handle all game hunted. If the dog is used to accompany on hunts and are accustomed to guns, they become excited when they see guns or if it seems that a hunt party is being organized.

It is common knowledge that sporting dog breeds require more exercise that even the middle to large dogs as they love being outdoors, close to nature and taking a walk in new territory. It is easy to train them such that they can respond to verbal commands even without the leashes. They are known to be great at responding to whistles and hand signals, an essential quality which comes into play while hunting. Another good quality about the sporting dogs is their inherent quality of sitting still for long time periods without flinching and within a second, on getting a command can go to retrieve the hunt.

Most of these sporting dogs love water and even on a walk, spaniels, settlers and retrievers go straight to the pond or anywhere where there is water present. It has been noticed that though pointers are not used in hunting the water birds, they also tend to head straight for a swim.

To train or not to train a sporting dog is completely the owners choice but most of these breed types show inherent hunting skills even in everyday life. Even without formal training, settlers and Pointers pick out and point to farmyard chicken or water fowl while retrievers and Spaniels are very good at games that include Fetch and Retrieve.

If you are the proud owner of a sporting dog and are thinking about training your pet for Dog competitions, it is better to join a Sporting Dog group in your area to know more about the sports and activities. These dogs are basically very gentle and do not learn by harsh methods. With set and clear commands during training, they understand what is required of them and love to please their masters.

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