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Merrick Dog Food has buffalo as its first ingredient. 80% of water is included in raw buffalo but moisture is lost during cooking that results in reduced meat contain than its original state. Probably this product has lower position in the market as compare to the raw meat product.

The next ingredient in this brand food is salmon and lamb meals which are dominant food supplement in this food. They are considered as the meat concentrate with the meat protein concentration of nearly 300% than that in the fresh salmon and lamb respectively. Unlike other fish meals, these items are supposed to be free of ethoxyquin.

The next one is ground rice that is supposed not to judge the quality by the name only. Similarly the other ingredient in this dog food is oatmeal, a whole grain that is made from coarsely ground oats. This is rich in fiber, vitamins B which is mostly free of gluten.

Now comes barley that is rich in starchy carbohydrates that supply fiber and many other health nutrients. The main function of the barley is to support the stable sugar level in blood of dogs because of the glycemic index contained in it.

Beef fat is next ingredient in Merrick Dog Food. Even this sound indigestible, but actually it is quality ingredient. Mostly the beef fat is obtained from rendering the beef like that in the process of making soap.

Venison is another protein ingredient in this dog food. This is considered as the important element in the pet food.

Although including these entire ingredients in the dog food, the food is not fully nutritional. So the manufacturers have to add some other bacterial products at the time of cooking in order to enhance the dog’s immune and digestive system. The next nutrient substance that is later added in this food is chelated minerals. These minerals are attached chemically to amino acids. Chelated minerals are generally added in most of the Merrick pet food.

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