Win a t-shirt a day for two weeks at You can win a free t-shirt every day for two weeks — How? Easy! Just stop by every day and enter. That is it. At midnight (Eastern time) every night we will pick a winner and ship out your shirt. To even make the deal sweeter, Zombie Popcorn will throw in bonus items like free movies, music, Zombie Popcorn merch and whatever else we decide to throw in the mix. T-shirts provided by Crazy Dog T-shirts and Nacho Mamatees. Music by Paul Casper http We are back from our short break and we had a great time on Zombie Popcorn Radio. Topics included; Will Smith looking to produce a re-make of Annie Warner Bros. reboot of Lethal Weapon MarsCon 2011 Zombies pranksters invade VA Mother’s Day Remake (not the holiday -the movie) Zombie Popcorn Book Club pick of the week: The Zombies of Lake Woebegotten The Necronomicon Motionless in White contest Crazy Dog t-shirts Nic Cage Anthony Hopkins set to play Hitchcock Duke Nukem Forever Johnny Depp Cthulhu Jim Starr and so much more!! So turn off the lights and turn up your speakers because it is time for another re-broadcast of Zombie Popcorn Radio!!!!
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