Question by Znip Sero Sero: BYB Excuses – your comebacks?
Okay, so this is just a fun question sorta. I’m gonna list some BYB Excuses, and I want you all to come up with comebacks! By the way, most of these are excuses “brussel Sprout/Stale Bread” BYBs would come up with-;_ylt=AmVojMKMWh6TujvYcWehCXPty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100618075116AAGkKOC&show=7#profile-info-6qsocyK3aa

“I don’t show because I only breed for pets, so I have no reason to show or work my dogs. My breeding dogs are great pets, and that’s what I want in the puppies!”

“I don’t breed for money, I just breed because people like my dogs and I want people to have puppies from me and good homes.”

“I don’t health test because my vet told me it wasn’t going to do anything – every dog/puppy has a chance of getting genetic deffects, health tested or not. My dogs are healthy and I have never had a problem.”

“I don’t sell with spay/neuter contracts because I think it’s the buyer’s choice whether they want to fix their dog or not. But, I don’t sell to anyone wanting to cross breed and I don’t sell to puppymills.”

“My dogs and puppies are raised inside and have all of their shots. All of them are well loved and socialized.”

“I sell my puppies at 6 weeks because the vet told me that if they were eating and drinking on their own, they’re fine.”

Have fun! And, get as mean as you want! lol

Best answer:

Answer by dog on sofa
I can think of only one zinger. It’s not meant to be mean (too bad) just meant to make them think–if at all possible.

“So I assume like any good, reputable breeder you will take ANY of your pups back if the new owner needs to rehome it?”

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