Question by Gina: How can I control my dog’s aggression?
I have a 2 1/2 year old English bulldog. The last few days it seems as if she can’t pass my lab without wanting to fight him. She is currently going through a “false pregnancy”. Is it possible that because of this, it’s causing a hormonal imbalance that’s making her more aggressive?

Yes, I did take her to the vet. Last week, in fact, and he told me she’s not truly pregnant, but her body doesn’t know that and is still going through the motions.

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Answer by Jeff_Hardys_Girl
I think that its a hormone imbalance. A pseudo pregnancy makes the dog think that she is pregnant, therefore her hormones go a little haywire. Just like pregnant humans sometimes get pissy, so do other mammals. I would just monitor them when they’re together.

You can avoid this in the future by getting her spayed. Just friendly advice. =)

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