Should you have your dog spayed or neutered?

1. If I have my dog neutered or spayed would it stop them being aggressive?

There is no firm evidence to confirm that having a dog neutered/spayed will stop any aggression. It has been known to help calm down some dogs, but each case is different and as there are no proven facts we cannot say that it does for sure. However, it could help with hormone levels and so would be something to consider.


2. Is it easier for bitches to get spayed than it is for dogs to be neutered?

In both cases the dog would have to go under anaesthetic and so there is a slight element of risk for both a dog and a bitch. There is one factor that will affect both dogs and bitches which is weight. It is quite common for the dog to gain weight once they have had the operation. This is due to the procedure and of course they are on rest on so the exercise is to a minimum.


One point to take note of is that when the dog is recovering from the operation its worth while reducing the amount of dog food you offer. As they are resting they won’t be burning as much energy and so you can afford to cut some of the dog food down.


If the dog is an older dog then maybe you could look at changing the dog food once the dog has recovered to a senior or light dog food, such as Arden Grange Light dog food or James Wellbeloved senior/light dog food. You can find more information on dog food nutrition on many online pet supplies stores such as Swell


3. Why do they have to wear those plastic buckets on their heads?

Once the dog has had the operation then they will have stitches to deal with.  The plastic bucket-like collars are to stop the dog from getting to the stitches and possibly pulling them before they are ready to come out. If you are with the dog then you wouldn’t need to use the bucket but for sleeping and the dog being left alone it is recommended.


4.  Can the bitch still have puppies when she has had the operation?

No, once the bitch has been spayed she wouldn’t be able to have puppies. If you don’t plan on breeding from your bitch then it is recommended that she does get spayed as entire bitches that don’t have a litter can develop Pyometra which can in some cases be life threatening.


We would always recommend that you have a long chat with your vet before making any decisions.

Karren Newton is a pet advisor for leading online pet supplies retailer Swell Pets who stock a huge range of dog supplies such as Burns dog food and Nylabone Edibles dog treats.

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