“No, they’re in th-“said Scooter, before Justin placed his hands over his mouth stopping him to finish his sentence. “Yeah I’m ready to leave” Justin said, uncovering Scooters mouth “Okay say goodbye to the rest of your friends and we will be in the bus okay?” said Pattie. Justin nodded looking at me. We both watched has they made their way back on to the bus to wait for Justin, we both stared at each other before smashing our body and lips together I wasn’t going to cry even though I wanted to cry a waterfall for him I felt a drop of water hit my face I looked up to see if it was raining but it was Justin crying. “I love you …Shawty” he said with chuckle rubbing my arms up and down I let a small chuckle out “I love you too Bieber” I said giving him a hug He backed up and pulled one of his dog chains off his neck walking up to me putting it around my neck. “Something to remember me by” he said with his hands in his pocket “Awe I wasn’t going to forget you” I said putting my arms around his neck He put his arms around my lower back giving me a passionate kiss on my lips; he backed up holding my hand walking towards the door so he could say his goodbyes to Ryan and Natalie. “I’ll stay outside” I said losing his grip on my hand “Okay” he said shooting me with a weird look Justin’s POV: I opened the door and walked inside closing it behind me looking for Ryan and Natalie to tell them I’m leaving, they were on the couch playing tongue hockey I wondered if that’s what me and

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