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Become a top dog when it comes to dog photography by learning some fantastic new tricks, tips, and techniques. If you’ve ever wanted to photograph dogs — or puppies — like a pro, you’re in luck! Now you can listen in on the free “7 Photography Questions” podcast with host Dr. Audi Lanford as master photographer Jenni Bidner answers 7 of the biggest questions about dog photography. Bidner is the author of 20 books on photography and on dogs, including Love Your Dog Pictures: How To Photograph Your Dog with Any Camera.

“Capturing a dog’s unique personality is key,” says Bidner. “Decide first what it is that makes your dog’s personality special. For example, is he a clown hound, or is he very serious? What does he do to show that personality? Then figure out how you can initiate that behavior.”

During this week’s free “7 Photography Questions” podcast Bidner also reveals:

How to get excited canines to hold a pose for better dog photographs.
The single biggest mistake people make when photographing their dogs.
How photographing your dog can you help detect a common dog health problem early.
The best “must-have” photography gear and accessories for dog photography.
How to take terrific looking photographs of black or white dogs.
Special exercises to radically improve your dog photography skills.
Toward the end of the interview, Bidner talks about some of her own before and after dog photographs to illustrate the principles she used. Go here to listen to the interview Dog Photography — An Interview with Jenni Bidner.


Interviews with top photographers are posted to every Tuesday. Listeners can use any computer to hear the podcast at the website, or easily download it to any MP3 player, or subscribe at iTunes for iPods and iPhones. The text of the interviews are also posted to the website, as well as Show Notes, the photographs that are discussed, and all of the resources mentioned in each podcast. You can find all the current podcasts here:


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