Question by lleandrae_de: Why does my dog “potty” in the house since bringing baby home?
My 1 year old, boston terrier poodle, was perfectly potty-trained until we brought home our new edition. It started about 2-4 weeks after we introduced them. First we mainly lived upstairs so any chance she got she would potty upstairs (poo and pee) but wouldn’t go downstairs. So we thought she was just trying to hide going potty in the house. Recently, however, i’ve been staying downstairs with him more often and just within the last week shes started going poo and pee down here which she never did before. I thought she might be jealous or something but when men come into the house, she’ll sit right by whoever is holding the baby and if they get anywhere near she goes crazy. Is their a connection or is she just digressing in her training?

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Answer by ஜ*ღ Jenna ღ*ஜ
he wants attention.start trying to get ur husband or wutever to train him more tricks

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