Dog Food Comparison – Important Information

Feeding your dog can be filled with stress.

Many dog owners take a zealous approach to how they feed their dog and can be judgmental of other dog owners when the issue of a dog’s food comes up.

The reality is that what you feed your dog is a personal decision. It will be guided by how you have always fed your dogs and what you think is right for your current dog or dogs.

A dog’s food is only one part of raising a healthy and happy dog, but it’s a very important part, and worth some careful consideration.

How to Choose a Dog Food

If you go shopping for dog food, you quickly see that there are many options. There’s premium dog food, low-cost dog food and so many dog food brands your head can spin.

Here are some tips for finding the correct dog food:

* Begin your search before you go the store. If you make your choice in the store, it could easily be the incorrect one.
* Ask friends and family for recommendations. If they use a particularly good dog food, consider that as one of your viable choices.
* Ask your vet for a recommendation. Based on your dog’s age and health, your vet may have a specific recommendation for your dog.
* Remember that the best dog food for one dog isn’t necessarily the best for another. Consider your own needs and budget before settling on a dog food choice.
* Read dog food reviews. If they are reputable and published in well-known publications or web sites, you can usually trust them.
* Remember that puppy dog food is a completely different beast than food you feed an older dog. Don’t feed a puppy regular dog food, and don’t feed an adult dog puppy dog food.

When looking at learning more about Dog Food Brands, read as much as you can.

The health of your dog depends on it!

What About Homemade Dog Food?

Recently, the safety of pet food was called into question when many dogs became ill and died after eating commercial dog food. Some of the brands in question were even considered premium dog food brands, so it seemed that no brand was safe.

This safety scare led many people to decide to give their dog a homemade dog food diet. It’s an excellent option if you have the spare time and money. Feeding a dog a homemade dog food diet can be expensive and somewhat time consuming, though it does get easier the longer you do it.

If you are thinking you might skip the dog food brands and go for the homemade dog food, consider these tips:

* Make sure the dog food you make is nutritionally balanced. Dogs need a good amount of carbohydrates, fat and protein. Do some reading ahead of time to make sure that you get just the right proportion of nutrients for your size and breed of dog.
* Be willing to cook animal body parts that you might not consider desirable. Dogs can eat necks.legs and organs. In fact, many believe that one of the main advantages of a homemade dog food diet is that your dog can get more raw meat and bones, which many consider to be the ideal dog food diet.
* Don’t forget that if you start Rover on a homemade dog food diet, it can be hard to switch to a more traditional diet. You can’t just throw down a bowl of kibble just because you are too tired to make your dog’s dinner. To that end, it’s best to do a lot of preparation ahead of time so there are packages in the freezer you can pull out and thaw.


The best dog food diet for your dog is the diet that proves to be best for you. Depending on your budget and time available, you might make a choice that’s different from your neighbor. The key is to find dog food brands that are accessible, affordable and that feed your dog healthfully. Or make your own. It really is your choice.

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