Hoboken, NJ (PRWEB) December 8, 2009

Slendertone™ USA, creator of the most effective muscle toning and wellness products, has launched a redesigned website for its popular line of consumer body toning, strengthening and wellness products at http://www.slendertone.com.

“The new site changes the way people experience learning about our effective line of body toning products. It features improved navigation, education and illustrations describing electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) technology, case studies and user experiences, to help visitors research and learn about each of our products,” explains Kristen Bonar of Slendertone USA. “Our products are now divided into women’s and men’s categories, enabling site visitors to quickly access gender-specific body toning solutions.”

Slendertone is a world leader in providing products that improve muscle tone and strength. Slendertone developed and produced the first EMS toning belt to be cleared for market by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

To date, Slendertone has sold over 2.5 million toning belts worldwide. Its patented technology delivers EMS technology through medical grade gelpads™, giving the most comfortable and effective toning results.

Slendertone Toning products are cleared by the FDA as Class II medical devices. They use EMS technology, which is clinically demonstrated to be effective for toning and strengthening hard to tone muscles in arms, core and bottom. Slendertone’s toning garments are easy to use and fit into any lifestyle. They can be worn while engaging in everyday activities including household chores, walking the dog or watching television.

The new website can be viewed at http://www.slendertone.com.

About Slendertone:

The Slendertone brand is a consumer division of BMR (Bio Medical Research) Limited, a company that develops medical products prescribed by doctors and therapists at thousands of clinics worldwide. Every year, more than 260,000 patients use these products to improve muscle weakness and pain. BMR has been developing and manufacturing electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) equipment for more than 40 years and is constantly evaluating and expanding its product range. The Slendertone line of consumer products provides users with over-the-counter access to high-grade products effective for muscle toning, strengthening and firming. For more information, visit http://www.slendertone.com.


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