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Image by Okinawa Soba (On the Road for a While)
Just another Dog Day in Europe….ca. 1900-10.

A while Back, I posted a dog team working in Japan :[email protected]/2456262386/

Flickr member dschinny2001 answered with this one she found on another photostream :

And she recently took this in Germany :[email protected]/2746721158/

That reminded me of my original Japanese "Dog Team" photo, that made reference to BELGIUM…. but never offered the photo to back up my claims.

So…. this post is my answer for dschinny2001’s comments and links !

Next thing you know, we will be trading Bubble Gum and Baseball cards !

See :…



Here’s the story that came with this original gelatin silver-print 3-D photo :

"……You are on the outskirts of the town. The country woman you meet here is on her way home to a farm several miles out. When she left home early this morning those big, shiny copper cans were full of milk, and she walked beside the dogs; now that the load consists only of empty cans, she treats herself to a ride.

This mode of transporting milk from the dairy to the city customers is passing out of fashion ; the woman’s daughters will hardly follow the picturesque custom. For years and years, it was nearly universal, and the foreigners in Belgium were always delighted with the quaintness of theses little cars drawn by just such big dogs with shaggy,yellowish hair and wolf-like ears.

One of the most famous dog stories ever written was Ouida’s "Dog of Flanders" — a tale of devoted friendship between a Flemish boy and the faithful beast that went with him in this very way, carrying copper cans of fresh milk to Antwerp. It is a story which has been read all around the world — a classic in its way, translated into many different languages.

The thills show that this cart was made for a single animal, and one of larger size than the small dogs in this team. In the old country, people are used to makeshifts, and neither the poorly matched team, nor the ill-fitting shafts worry the driver……"

— Author unknown. Published by the Keystone View Company, Meadville, Pa.

The Harris boys with their dog cart, Blackheath 1918

Image by Blue Mountains Library – Local Studies
Jack Harris 10, Johnny Robinson 6, Ted Harris 8, with their dog drawn wood cart in Hat Hill Rd Blackheath. Johnny Robinson was drowned in Lake Medlow at the age of 10. Jack and Ted were apprenticed to their father and later joined him in the family building firm F.A. Harris and Sons of Blackheath, before serving in the AIF from 1939-1945. They retired and closed the family business in 1974 after 62 years continuous operation.
Format: B&W photograph
Rights Info: No known copyright restrictions
Repository: Blue Mountains City Library
Part of: Local Studies Collection PF368
Provenance: Jack Harris

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