Question by Katlyn: “step” family issues about moving all together into a new house?
My father and mother got a divorce years ago and i live with my dad. About 3 years ago he introduced us to his new girlfriend. Then in that year moved him me and my sister into her house because financial problems. I hated the family from day one. Her and her family are the definition of spoiled. I am not upset that his girlfriend could be “replacing” my mom becuase im old enough to take care of myself i dont need her. Her family steals all of my things and i get blamed for lining about it and they get away with it and i get grounded. they treat me like crap and im perceived as the one who wont cooperate. They dont even try to get along with us becuase they choose to hate me and my sister. they have told it to us to our face i am not just saying it becuse i dont like her. They have 2 dogs and im alergic to dogs and they dont care and they do nothing about despite many times telling them about it. they have 2 cats that attack my cat so my cats always locked outside. so because of the economy i we lost our house and we are moving into a rented house soon. but my dad and my “step mom”, his girlfriend who we live with, told us we are getting new houses but have to find houses for all the pets to live in because no pets are allowed in rented houses in our price limit. I was happy about no dogs because i am constantly battling with my allergies and asthma only to find out they refuse to give up their little annoying loud spoiled smelly dog. but still i have to get rid of my cat. all the other pets they dont care about which i think is terrible even if im alergic. .every time i talk to my father about it he defends her and calls be spoiled becuase i dont want the dog at our new house. what do i do? i dont want to risk the chance of getting evicted or move again becuase of the spoiled dog who is her daughter who got it from their dad. she doesn’t take care of it. but i suggested the dog lives with their dad, they are also divorced, but my dad said thats unfair to even suggest and hed rather move out with us then ask. our whole family hates her except my dad and she is so wrong for him but to live with my mom means moving to another city and a new school. i am a child who has gone to 6 different school and moves 10 times and just wants to keep her friends and school for a change. what do i do about the dog situation?

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Answer by Zack
I understand fully where you are coming from, I too have a step mom in whom i loathe. About the dog try calmly sitting them down and explaining that you have an allergy and that something needs to be done, if the dog is not being treated properly call the Humane Society (or some kind of animal protection agency) up and they will come and investigate and possibly take the dog if its conditions are less than ideal. This gets rid of the dog problem, yes it isn’t very nice and they’ll probably be very angry with you, but if its for your health there is really no other way around it.

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