Bishop, CA (PRWEB) October 16, 2007

Dog behavior specialist Adam G. Katz joins the international community Of dog trainers. Adam Katz (pronounced “cats,” ironically) is the driving force behind, a web site he originally created to help sell his dog training book, “Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer”.

But dog owners started flocking to his site to learn the techniques used by other dog trainers, internationally.

“We have dog trainers at our site from over 23 different countries. You can ask a question to a dog obedience trainer in Bogota, Colombia and then get input from dog behavior specialists in Germany, South Africa and even Costa Rica to learn how similar their approach may be,” says Katz.

Katz originally owned a dog training business in Los Angeles, California for seven years, before retiring to focus on his writing.

“Dogs are the same, all over the world,” he said.

Having sold over 90,000 copies of his dog training book worldwide, as well as videos and audio lectures on canine behavior that can now be downloaded from his web site, Katz started to attract a following of dog trainers who searched for him on the internet.

“Some people just come for the free dog training tips,” said Katz, “but we get a fair amount of professional dog behavior specialists and pet owners who need serious help.”

Katz offers free dog behavior help through his weekly dog training tips e-mail newsletter. The newsletter is unique in that it includes insights and training advice he’s picked up from dog trainers, internationally.

“I usually spend nine months of every year, traveling internationally to learn what dog trainers in other parts of the world are doing,” said Katz.

You can learn more about Dog Behavior Specialist Adam G. Katz by visiting his website.


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