Question by shakeandbake: Is there a “dog school” that you can send your dog to for house-training?
My husband and I have a seven month old, female, English Bulldog. She has been impossible to break from going “potty” in the house. We have tried everything…. Crate training, put down “potty pads” in the house, clean thoroughly places she’s pottied in the house, timed after feeding, schedule, etc. Also, she hates to go on the grass. When she does go outside, she prefers to go on the concrete patio or any door mat that’s around. We love her so much, but we can’t keep replacing carpet…. Is there training she could go to, or any other suggestions? Thank You!!

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Answer by smmastiff
yes , some profesional dog trainers wil take a dog for 2 weeks and house train it , will cost you about 150 a week ,

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