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When you are training your dog there are certainparaphernalia you can use to help make the education process more effective. Those gear can include a restraint, a clicker and most importantly dog treats. Dog treats are the most essential tool you will be using when coaching your dog.

Dog treats are use for positve reinforcement while you are education your dog. Dogs respond very quickly to positive reinforcement and will learn very fast when you reward them wile you are instruction them.

So what do we use for dog treats when we are domestication our dog?

There are many different types of dog treats that you can score. You can find them in any food shop, your regional pet store or even in the big box pet stores. However, many of the dog treats you will find in the store are not the correct for your dog health-wise. They often contain a lot of chemicals and non-natural ingredients. They’re kind of like feeding your kids junk food on a regular basis. They’re really not the right thing for your dog nutritionally. Since you will be using them ofttimes while guidance you should really make an effort to provide your dog with a treat that is both tasteful and well for him.

There are natural dog treat alternatives that are also sold in the emporium, in a pet stor or even online. But the problem with those is that they are often super expensive. If you use them on a regular basis you could go broke.

So I have a super easy, low-priced and relatively healthy alternative dog treat recipe for you. It won’t break your bank and the are very easy to make. They also keep very well for a long long time so you don’t have to worry about them going bad.

These make an awesome dog treat that you can keep in ziplock bags in the cupboard. They’re prrfect for coaching.

Get a package of chicken hotdogs. Take 8 of the hotdogs and simply slice each hot dog into quarters lengthwise so you have 32 long spears. The’ll kind of look like dill pickle spears shape-wise. Then cut the lengthwise slices into little pieces about the size of a dime. You’ll have an immense pile of tiny chicken hotdog fragments.

Take all of those cut up pieces onto an a few paper towels and pop them into the microwave. Set the microwave on high and let it run for 15 minutes.

When they are done you’ll have a nice size pile of dried hot dog pieces that will keep for a long time. After they cool down you can store them in a ziplock baggie and just fling them into the cupboard for storage. They will keep for a long time and you’ll always have a stack of treats ready for your guidance session.

Your dog will delight in how they taste and will be eager to receive them as a training reward. Plus they’re a nice healthful treat for your dog.

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