Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) April 3, 2007

Las Vegas Nevada based ‘Sit Means Sit’, an innovative dog training business, is excited to announce recent growth into several new US markets. With over 20 new locations over 13 states including California, New Jersey and Illinois in the U.S. and a location in Canada, ‘Sit Means Sit’ has the momentum to successfully achieve their goal of providing comprehensive dog training for everyone.

“We are so excited by the growth of our company and the success our licensed ‘Sit Means Sit’ trainers are experiencing. We believe in our dog training methodology, which is why we started our company nearly 10 years ago and to see this growth and success is incredibly gratifying,” said Fred Hassen, owner of both ‘Sit Means Sit’ and its sister company ‘No Limitations.’

‘Sit Means Sit’ is a dog training methodology that uses traditional tenets of dog obedience training and the best of today’s technology. Remote collars are used in place of traditional collars and leashes, as a virtual touch to queue the dog to the command. These remote collars are completely adjustable to the size and temperament of the dog, merely acting as a prompt and behavioral modification tool. In a short time, because of consistency and good training, for both dog and handler, ‘Sit Means Sit’ dogs are trustworthy off leash and in almost any situation.

Several canine graduates of ‘Sit Means Sit’ have gone on to become K9 police dogs, agility dogs, therapy dogs and of course, calm and happy family companions. In the meantime, dozens of owner/trainers have attended Hassen’s dog trainer training school, ‘No Limitations’ and have opened up their own ‘Sit Means Sit’ dog training school in their own area.

“We believe in empowering dogs and their owners. First, we help dogs and owners with their own relationships and this opens up opportunities for the dog and ultimately for their trainers as well. Who better to teach others the Sit Means Sit dog training techniques than a believer and graduate themselves?” said Hassen.

With over a half a million dogs going home with American’s households every month, dog obedience training beyond the simple puppy kindergarten at your local pet store is in high demand. American’s are passionate about their dogs, and Hassen has tapped into an incredible growth market with his train the trainer methodology. With two ‘No Limitations’ schools, located in Denver, CO and Las Vegas, NV, graduates every few weeks are learning successful dog training techniques, teaching methods and sales and marketing tips for their own ‘Sit Means Sit’ operation.

Hassen explained, “If someone is passionate about their dog and about dog obedience, a ‘Sit Means Sit’ dog obedience training school could be an incredible opportunity. We help our licensed locations in every way possible with top notch training and marketing support. We are passionate about training dogs and about helping people be successful in the dog obedience field which is why we’ve seen such amazing growth this year.”

About ‘Sit Means Sit’

Founded and Created by Fred Hassen in 1998, ‘Sit Means Sit’ is a dog training method that has evolved into a successful and growing company. The gentle training methods offer a high level of obedience to the pet owner and create a happier dog. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, this innovative obedience training business has a number of licensed locations throughout North America. You can find ‘Sit Means Sit’ on the web at

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