Question by Righteous James: What do you think about nutro natural choice high energy dog food?
I was looking for a dog food a little more in my price range. I usually feed raw but unfortunately my butcher i used to go to is gone.

So I found this food, “Nutro Natural Choice High Energy”. It’s in my price range and has 30% protien and 20% fat which is pretty good. My dog I guess is pretty active, i run with her maybe about 20-25 miles a week. I do supplement her diet with fish pills as well.

So what do you ladies (oh and guys) think? And why is this food so cheap if it has so much protien?
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I already paid for the food AND opened the bag. Great….

I’m not a costco member, I don’t have 20 kids and need to buy a life supply of toilet paper.

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Answer by Reece Braveheart Aussies
Read the ingredient list on the food and you’ll know why it cost what ever it cost.

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