Question by : Best way to dye dog fur? Seriously?
Ok, so first of all a lot of you are probably thinking that this is “cruel” and that I’m “mistreating” my dog and let me stop you before you give the whole “A dog’s not a fashion accessory” speech. I understand that. I just wish to dye part of my little poodles tail to match part of my hair. Just the pom pom of it. Why? I love my dog and it would be so cool if I could match her! I’m not going to dye her hot pink, because a hot pink dog? Yuck. Just a splash of a bright color on her tail to pop out in her black fur.

What are some dog friendly ways to get the desired pop of color? No cool aid, I don’t even drink that and I bet it would be toxic for a dog. its all sugar. I have heard beet juice, what color would that get? Some people say hot pink, or purple. And carrots some how get orange? Do they even stain? Would grape juice in a can work to get purple (not exactly noticeable)

And would I have to bleach her fur to get the color? I’m not using the stuff I got with my hair dye. NEVER. If I don’t use it for me I wouldn’t use it on her. Any natural ways? Would lemon juice lighten it enough to hold color? Maybe for a few days I can put lemon juice on her tail and when she runs around outside it will make it lighter.

Please help me.

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Answer by super awesome april
The best way is to find a registered groomer to do it for you. This will almost eliminate any poisonous encounters and keep your crap from getting dyed.

There are vegan dies out there with no chemicals. A popular brand is Manic Panic. It can STILL be toxic but is much less toxic than other dies. It is veggie based.

NEVER EVER put bleach on fur. It is terrible for human hair and can easily kill your dog. If you want the fur lightened TAKE IT TO A GROOMER!!! Lemon juice may help the hair get lighter as well as whitening shampoo from the pet store. Other lighteners can severely dry out the skin.

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