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After baking and distributing healthy gourmet dog treats for years, Barbara Lee, the owner of Waggin’ Tails Dog Bakery and Doggie Day Care (, began noticing more and more of her customer’s dogs were suffering from food allergies. So, Barbara decided to do something about it by creating a new dog treat specifically for dogs with allergies.

“I began noticing many dogs suffering from allergies related to the common ingredients used in commercial pet food,” says Barbara.

According to veterinarian research, food allergies account for about 10% of all the allergies seen in dogs. The cause of the allergy appears to be linked to how long a dog has been eating a particular ingredient contained in their food. Up to 70% of food allergies in dogs occur after the dog has been eating the same food for more than 2 years.

According to research, the most common ingredients which can cause food allergies in dogs include beef, dairy products, chicken, wheat, chicken eggs, corn, soy, yeast, preservatives, and colorings.

“I developed a new dog treat with very limited ingredients which includes only duck liver, organic garbanzo flour, and filtered water,” says Barbara, “These ‘Duck Liver Cookies of Love’ are a great choice for dogs with food allergies since the select few ingredients do not typically trigger allergies.”

The following common symptoms may indicate a food allergy in a dog: excessive itching, licking or scratching; hot spots; rashes; red, scaly patches; rubbing or pawing at the face or ears; frequent shaking of the head; stomach or digestive problems; breathing difficulties; chronic ear infections; eye irritation, inflammation or infections; hair loss; excess bowel movements; or behavior problems such as aggression or hyper-activity.

If a dog displays any of these symptoms on an ongoing basis, a veterinarian can test the dog for food allergies. Typically a test consists of a 12 week food trial. The dog’s diet will be altered to only include protein and carbohydrates which he or she has never eaten before. If the symptoms improve, the original food is re-introduced to confirm if symptoms re-appear.

“I am getting daily reports from grateful owners of dogs with allergies about how much their dogs love these new duck cookies and how happy they are to have a dog treat which doesn’t trigger their dog’s allergies,” adds Barbara.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release or for a product sample, contact Barbara Lee or visit The Duck Liver Cookies of Love are now available in retail pet stores nationwide and online.

About Waggin’ Tails Bakery:

Barbara Lee has been running a Doggie Day Care in Northern California since 1999. She began baking dog cookies for her own dogs, and eventually turned the products into a full scale gourmet dog bakery with national distribution. She prides herself on creating products dogs love to eat which include only the finest ingredients.


Barbara Lee, Owner

Waggin’ Tails Bakery


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