Question by cpinatsi: Home made dog food-any “recipes”?
My dog loves cooked food. She hates dry food, although I buy her a good brand.
Some people believe that dry food is the best solution, because it is formulated to have the nutrients a dog needs.
Some other people believe that fresh high quality ingredients that we’d eat ourselves is the healthiest solution.
I give both opinions some basis. So I want to combine them, by cooking some food and adding some kibble in it, or giving her some cooked meals and some kibble when I don’t have time or ingredients to cook for her.
However, I want to make sure she gets the nutrients necessary in her cooked diet. What would you suggest? I cooked her chicken+chicken livers+rice today. With a few peas in it too. One day I had added pasta instead of rice.
How much rice or pasta is allowed so that she doesn’t have diabetes problem? How much and what type of veg should I add?
NOTE: 1. I know what foods are poisonous and must not be given, so don’t tell me.
2. I also know some people suggest raw food and bones, but I won’t do this so don’t tell me to do that.

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