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Dog Training is Being Taken to the Next Level With the Much Anticipated Launch of

Dog Training is Being Taken to the Next Level With the Much Anticipated Launch of

Taylors, SC (PRWEB) February 21, 2011 is a learning center online designed for those who want to take control of their dog/owner relationship.

Their is nothing more frustrating than having a dog who’s behavior is out of control. These can range anywhere from typical potty training to aggression towards other dogs or people. In order to get a dog to obey, the owner must first learn dog behavior. There are actually training methods used by many that can actually have a detrimental impact on moving a dog in the right direction towards proper behavior.

“ is putting the power back in the owner’s hands” has developed a site for dog owner who only want the best information when it comes to dog behavior/training. We will be bringing the best experts that the dog training world has to offer. These experts will be sharing their most in depth personal techniques on how to properly train dogs in the shortest time possible. This takes away the stress and anxiety between you and your dog which will allow a much happier dog/owner relationship.

A dog which misbehaves can be very frustrating. It can even be embarrassing to take a dog out in public, so embarrassing to some, that they have decided not to even leave their homes with their pets for fear of what may happen. This should not be a worry or concern for any dog owner. In fact, it is something that should be very enjoyable for a dog and its owner. is here to help bring enjoyment and fun to the time spent with your dog. After all, this is a companion that one should enjoy their time with, not one that brings about disaster. will also be bringing a little added fun and excitement to dog/owner relationships by teaching their dogs clever tricks ranging from the infamous getting a drink from the refrigerator to turning on the tv. is the #1 source for dog training/behavior.

For more information on proper dog training visit



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When to Get Your Dog Spayed or Neutered

When to Get Your Dog Spayed or Neutered

So many people who get a new puppy are overwhelmed with the responsibility of it all that they don’t have time to stop and think between all of the vet visits, the potty training, and the play time. However, one thing that every new doggie family has to consider is whether or not they should have their dog spayed or neutered. This is a big decision for most households, and not one that should be taken lightly or done without discussion and consideration.

Unless you’re planning to use your dog for breeding or showing, it’s best to have your dog fixed. There are many complications that can arise from leaving a female or male dog intact. For male dogs the main health concern is cancer; however, having your male dog neutered will also help to curb a lot of unappealing behavior like marking territory and running off to try and mate. The risk for an un-spayed female dog, though, is much greater. Female dogs who are not fixed can develop infected uteruses, have an increased risk of developing mammary cancer, have pregnancy complications or even hormone problems if they remain in tact.

If you’re going to get your pet fixed, you’ll also need to take into consideration the age at which the surgical procedure should take place. Many pet owners don’t realize that having their dog spayed or neutered at a relatively young age is extremely beneficial to their pet. For example, if female dogs are spayed before they ever go into heat – at approximately six to eight months old – then the chance that they will have mammary cancer is almost zero percent. This complete elimination of cancer complications is an extremely appealing reason for many pet owners to have their dogs spayed.

However, some people still believe the old wives tales that say that allowing a female dog to whelp at least one litter will calm her down and be healthier for her. This could not be further from the truth. In allowing your dog to have a litter of puppies, you are exposing her to potentially life-threatening consequences from complications in the pregnancy, including disease or infection. It even increases their risk for cancer, and the influx of hormones and anxiety that come with a pregnancy can make your dog more aggressive.

Male dogs are slightly different than females in the sense that there is no set “heat cycle” of hormones that you’re trying to prevent in order to lower their risk of cancer. It’s still a good idea, though, to get your male dog fixed at a relatively early age – approximately six months to a year – in order to ensure that they live a long, active, and healthy life. Outside of testicular and prostate cancer, male dogs that are left unfixed tend to grow aggressive and territorial. This can lead to destructive behavioral patterns like biting, urinating in the house to mark property, running away, and a resistance to instruction.

These are just a few of the reasons why it’s recommended that pet owners should get their dogs spayed and neutered at an early age to avoid complications. It’s never a bad idea to discuss your concerns with a veterinarian to get the most complete picture of your dog’s health. Working together, you can make the best decision about how and why your pet should be fixed.

When you have your dog and are ready to pick thedogs names, contains thousands of boy dog names and girl dog names to choose from!

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Q&A: where can i dowload a free “MY DOG” mobile game?

Question by Anch: where can i dowload a free “MY DOG” mobile game?
can you give me some links for me to download a free “MY DOG” game? pretty please i’ve been searching for days but i just cant seem to find any link that leads me to that FREE download..:( help me out.!! please? i need to download it to my computer first so that i can transfer it to my cp..PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU ALL!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Sierra Oscar
ok so i played this game and had my dog for 5 months before my mobile crashed and i lost him forever 🙁 here’s the updated game, you can get it for free from


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Cool “dog Blog” images

Check out these dog blog images:

Deflated Soccer Ball Equals Happy Airedale

Image by Bogart Handsome Devil
Bogart Handsome Devil, Airedale Terrier finds a half deflated soccer ball in Griffith Park

See more of Bogart’s adventures at his daily dog blog:

Natural Balance Potato and Duck Formula Dog Food, 30-Pound Bag

Natural Balance Potato and Duck Formula Dog Food, 30-Pound Bag

  • Special allergy formula, made specifically for dogs and puppies prone to allergies
  • Single source protein and single source carbohydrate blend
  • Help rebuild the dog’s immune system

Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Duck Dry Dog Food is our special Allergy Formula, made specifically for dogs and puppies prone to allergies. Along with our Duck and Potato Canned Formula and Potato & Duck Treats, dogs with allergies can now have a complete allergen-free diet! Natural Balance Potato & Duck Formula is a proven formula for dogs with allergies based on our unique single source protein and single source carbohydrate blend. Some dogs may be highly s

List Price: $ 53.99

Price: $ 44.99

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Alpha Paws Releases “Leading the Pack” Dog Training DVD and Manual

Dog Training DVDs

Toronto, ON, (PRWEB) September 9, 2009 –

Respected Toronto dog training expert, Peter Brown, shows dog owners his unique approach to training in the just released DVD and companion printed manual, Leading the Pack – An Owner’s Guide to Dog Training.

“So many people tell me they wished I was around when their dog did something, a training problem,’ explains Brown, “so we developed the DVD as the next best thing to having a trainer there when you need one the most.”

A certified dog trainer for over 15 years, Brown operates Alpha Paws, a dog training centre located in Newmarket, Ontario. Consulted as a training expert in news features for CITY-TV and The Toronto Star, Brown has a history of studying animal behaviour, particularly dogs and wolves in the wild, which has given him unique insight into training. “Dogs have a language all their own and an owner should learn that language”, says Brown. “It’s the language of behaviour, your behaviour and your dog’s behaviour and translating the two so you understand each other.”

Filmed over a 14-day period at the Alpha Paws training centre in Newmarket, Ontario, Brown intentionally used a straightforward approach to the production of the Dog Training dvd. “We were actually training the dogs on the DVD – they weren’t pre-trained ‘stunt doubles'”, said Brown. “I heard about too many disappointments with dog training videos. We wanted to show each training session from beginning to end, no edits, no fancy cuts and with untrained dogs, to give the DVD the feel of an actual session, as if the trainer was in your home.”

Initial reaction to the DVDs has been very positive, including approval from unexpected sources. “Everyone I ask says that it’s their dog’s favourite DVD – they put it on and their dog comes over to watch,” says Brown. “To me, it’s the best compliment the DVD can get.”

Leading the Pack is available online at Dog Obedience Training or directly from the Alpha Paws training centre

Peter Brown was emphatic on one last point, “no dogs were harmed during the making of this DVD!”

About Alpha Paws

Formed in 2001, Alpha Paws utilizes their “dog training nature’s way” approach to help dogs and their owners learn to understand each other, which makes training easier and more complete. Alpha Paws also promotes better nutrition for dogs through healthier raw food diets.

For More Information, Please Contact

Peter Brown


Alpha Paws




National Dog Bite Prevention Week, May 16-22, 2010

National Dog Bite Prevention Week, May 16-22, 2010

West Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) May 11, 2010

During the third week in May, Doggone Safe Inc., Pet At Home Sitting Services, Inc., “Pet At Home,” and other organizations will be calling attention to one of the nation’s most commonly reported public health problems: dog bites. Half of all children will be bitten by a dog by age 12 and the majority of these bites are by the family dog or other dog known to the child.

Deedra Thompson of Pet At Home Sitting Services will be presenting the “Doggone Safe Be a Tree” children’s program on Tuesday, May 18 at 6:30 p.m. at

All Paws Animal Clinic, located at 1011 North State Rd 7, Royal Palm Beach in the Regal Cinema Plaza. Bring your child and learn to be a doggie detective. The class is catered to school age children and there is no charge for the class, but registration is required. Please call All Paws today at 561-790-9225 to reserve a space for your child. One parent is requested to accompany the child.

Doggone Safe, a non-profit organization dedicated to dog bite prevention through education offers free information at its website to help promote safety messages during dog bite prevention week. Doggone Safe also promotes the “Doggone Safe Be a Tree” children’s program. This program is a short presentation with large photos and lots of activities to teach children to understand the signs dogs send with their body language. The central message of this program is “Be a Tree”. That is, stand still if a strange dog approaches or any dog is threatening or overly frisky. Children learn to be doggie detectives, looking for the clues that dogs give with body language to show how they are feeling.

Doggone Safe and Pet At Home offer the following tips for parents and dog owners to help keep kids safe:

The 3 Most Important Things to Teach Your Kids

1.    Dogs Don’t Like Hugs and Kisses – Teach your kids not to hug or kiss a dog on the face. Hugging the family dog or face-to-face contact are common causes of bites to the face. Instead, teach kids to scratch the dog on the chest or the side of the neck.

2.    Be a Tree if a Strange Dog Approaches – Teach kids to stand still, like a tree. Trees are boring and the dog will eventually go away. This works for strange dogs and anytime the family dog gets too frisky or becomes aggressive.

3.    Never Tease a Dog – and never disturb a dog that’s sleeping, eating or protecting something.

The 2 Most Important Things Parents Can Do

1.    Supervise – Don’t assume your dog is good with kids. If a toddler must interact with your dog, you should have your hands on the dog too. Even if your dog is great with kids and has never bitten – why take a chance?

2.    Train the dog – Take your dog to obedience classes where positive-reinforcement is used. Never pin, shake, choke, hold the dog down or roll the dog over to teach it a lesson. Dogs treated this way are likely to turn their aggression on weaker family members. Involve older children in training the family dog while supervising. Don’t allow children to punish the dog. Condition the dog to enjoy the presence and actions of children using positive experiences.

The 3 Most Important Things Dog Owners can do

1.    Spay or Neuter Your Dog – Neutered pets are calmer, healthier and less likely to be aggressive. Neutering prevents unwanted dogs that may end up in shelters or in less than ideal conditions where they may grow up to be poorly socialized or aggressive.

2.    Condition Your Dog for the World – Give your puppy lots of new positive experiences. Train using positive methods i.e. clicker training.

3.    Supervise Your Dog – Supervise your dog at all times around children. Do not allow children to hug and kiss the dog. If visiting children are bothering your dog, put the dog away or send the children home.

About Pet At Home Sitting Services:

Pet At Home began serving pets in the community in January 2004 and is a family owned professional pet sitting service, insured, bonded, licensed and certified in Pet CPR and First Aid by the America Red Cross. Pet At Home is a proud member of NAPPS, the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and PSI, Pet Sitters International. They offer professional pet sitting service to pet owners who want their pets treated like members of their family. Beginning a pet sitting service was second nature for the owner and President Deedra Thompson coming from a family that owned and operated a small zoo in Austin, Texas. “Pets are my passion,” and I take the responsibility of caring for them and the security of my client’s home very seriously commented Deedra Thompson. I chose to teach the “Be A Tree” program to protect children from being hurt and to protect our canine friends from being in situations that would cause them to bite. To learn more about Pet At Home Sitting Services, Inc. or to schedule the “Be A Tree” program for a school age group or organization in the West Palm Beach area please call 561-686-2900 or visit its website at

About All Paws Animal Clinic:

All Paws Animal Clinic opened for business in July 2002 and is owned and managed by Dr. Patricia Forsythe, Medical Director. All Paws has rapidly grown into a well-established and respected veterinary hospital. The clinic has been chosen “Best of the West” for veterinarian in 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009 by the readers of the Wellington Forum. We are dedicated to our mission statement “Quality Care with Compassion for your Best Friend”. Visit us at!

About Doggone Safe Inc.:

The not-for-profit Doggone Safe organization’s mandate was based on jurors recommendations following an inquest into the mauling death of 8 year old Courtney Trempe in Ontario, Canada. Along with their many educational programs, Doggone Safe also provides victim support and administers the Courtney Trempe Memorial fund, in honor of her memory, to help provide trauma counseling (not provided by insurance) for child dog bite victims and their families. Visit



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