Responsibilities and Duties of Getting a Pet Dog

Dogs are the source of happiness, fun and enjoyment to many people. For others, to have a dog will give them some sort of security because there are dogs that were specifically trained to watch and guide other people. Some adopt a dog because they want someone that they can have for sporting, some as a toy and for some to help them on their chores. Men have so many responsibilities when it comes to taking care of their dogs. These responsibilities include providing them their basic needs, health needs and at the same time their social needs.

The primary thing to think about when buying a dog is the breed. The kind of dog that we will adopt should depend on our intention. For example, if we want a playmate or a dog that we can dress up, the best options are toy poodle, Shih Tzu, Papillon and Maltese. These breeds are friendly and most often are small which are more appropriate for our need. On the other hand if we want a watchdog, we can adopt a German shepherd, a German Pinscher and the American foxhound. After we know the breed, we must also buy their crate, food bowls, bedding and other things that they need.

Health related needs include bringing our dogs to the veterinary clinic. It is a must for us to bring them to their vet to make sure that they are healthy, and there are no problems regarding their health. Sociological needs include bringing them to the park where you and your dog can have time to play and make fun with other dogs. In addition to these needs, there are other people that bring their dogs to a pet shop for nail and hair trimming, massage and a good bath.

Once we know all of the responsibilities that a dog owner should possess, we can say that we are now ready to be a dog owner. Some people hire a dog trainer or enroll their dogs to a dog training service in order to train the dog with proper behavior. The behavior modification programs that most dog training companies do is humane and proven effective. There are many dog training companies today like a Maryland dog trainer who offer training and programs. Others include Annapolis dog training, Columbia dog training, Baltimore training and Maryland dog training services.

Dog training services that offer behavior modification programs is extremely needed today. A dog that can be trained to use their potty is a tremendous help on our part. It does not only save us time but also we save some effort in cleaning the entire house. Most dogs that undergo some behavior modification programs tend to behave well and be much tamed. In addition, they do not bite home furniture and home appliances as well as your children socks and clothes.

The dog that we will buy must cater our need. Since there are so many breeds to choose from, we can have a list of the top most or the most valued dog breeds such as Dalmatian, chow, a pug, Shih Tzu, Great Dane, poodle, pinscher, spitz, Chihuahua, beagle, spaniel, Maltese, Foxhound, terrier, collie, German shepherd, retriever and Havanese. With almost 190 dog breeds that are available today, we must think twice about the breed that we really want to adopt.

In summary, men have so many responsibilities in owning a dog. These needs include the most basic like water, food, clothing and shelter. There are also health-related needs that should be met as well as sociological needs. Enrolling them on a behavior modification program is also a must so that they know how to behave properly whenever we have visitors at home. In this regard, hiring a credible dog trainer is also a must.

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