Dr. G’s Fresh Dog Food Review

Store-Bought Dog Food

Like most of the rest of the world, we used to buy our dog food at the local pet warehouse store.   We started using a “natural” dog food years ago, and up until recently, had no reason to want to switch. I’d go in and scan the shelf for the freshest, i.e.., most recently made bag of dry dog food thinking I’d done the best for our pooch.  But the last bag I bought there gave me reason to switch.

Preservatives and Health

When I opened the bag, the food gave off a slight odor of turpentine that I hadn’t noticed with my previous dog food purchases.  Not wanting to feed the most lovable child in the house anything bad, I went online and did some research.  It turns out that the odor was  being produced by the breakdown of the fats in the food.  This breakdown happened because the food had outlived the shelf life of the preservatives that were supposed to protect it.

In a nutshell, the breakdown of the fats=rancidity=oxidation=peroxide production=turpentine odor.  All this didn’t mean a whole lot to me, until I read that this breakdown produces “free radicals” that have the potential to lead to severe illnesses such a cancer.  We humans avoid free radicals, so I guess the same should be true for our pets.

Dr. G’s Made to Order Pet Food

That made me start hunting for a fresher dog food.  Until I saw the commercial, I never heard of a “made to order” pet food.  I guess that’s what makes Dr. G’s Fresh Pet Food so unique; your food isn’t made until shortly after you place your order, and then it’s shipped directly to your door.  I checked out the ingredients, and found that it’s as “all natural” as you can get with chicken being the most prominent ingredient.  Also, Dr. G. (Martin Glinsky, Ph.D) has some impressive credentials.  Yes, it’s a little more expensive than what I was buying at the pet warehouse, but if it would help prevent a serious illness (and the associated expense) later in my dog’s life, I figured it would be worth it.

So I did order.  After several days, a bag of Dr. G’s Pet Food showed up on my doorstep.  I opened it up, and didn’t get any chemical odor so I was off to a good start.  The big test was to see if my picky dog would eat it.  At first, I cut some of her old food (I bought more and got an odorless bag of food) with Dr. G’s so as not to cause any stomach upsets.  I did that for the next two meals, and finally switched over to Dr. G’s totally without any problems.  She loves it.  I also like the fact that I’m not going to have to switch foods as she gets older like I would have to do with the store bought foods.  Fresher really is better!

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