Tips on How to Obtain Liability Insurance For your Hot Dog Cart Business

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While running a hot dog street vending cart company or any company for that matter anything can occur when you least expect it.

For instance, there’s a chance even if it is an extremely slim one that one of your customers could get sick from eating one of your hot dogs. Or a minor accident might happen at your food cart that injures one of your patrons.It’s these unforeseen situations where a business owner like you will require insurance to pay for the costs arising from any property damage or injuries that might happen in the course of running your company. This kind of insurance coverage will also help in protecting your personal finances in case your customer decides to sue you in court.The kind of coverage is recognized as “commercial general liability insurance.” In some cities and states like Sacramento CA, you’ll be required to get general liability coverage before you’ll be even given a license or permit to operate your food cart.You are able to begin by contacting your insurance agent or broker and ask him if his company can offer liability insurance for the cart business. But bear in mind that not all insurance companies are able to offer general liability insurance in all 50 states.Actually, an insurance business may be restricted in providing general liability coverage only in a particular state. So you’ll have to confirm with your agent if his business is licensed to offer such service in your region.For small companies, some insurance businesses could place your hot dog cart business on “umbrella coverage”. Even though this could cover any issues with your food cart and equipment, this kind of protection has limited liability coverage. If you already have business insurance coverage, you’d be much better off asking your agent to add your general liability insurance to it.If the hot dog carts a trailer-drawn unit, you will also need to obtain trailer insurance coverage, just as you would with a travel trailer as it will be on the road most of the time. This is in addition to your liability insurance coverage for the hot dog cart business.The premium for a liability insurance is estimated to be from 0 – 0 a year depending on where you plan to operate your food cart business. So where can you discover an insurance business which will offer you with general liability insurance?1. As mentioned earlier, you are able to ask your insurance agent or broker. You are able to save much more if you already have an existing company insurance policy. But it also pays to shop around so that you are able to get the best deal for your hard earned money.
2. Most hot dog cart manufacturers devote some space on their websites for insurance companies to promote their services online.
3. You can ask a hot dog cart owner inside your region who his liability insurance provider is. This will also be the ideal opportunity for you to obtain some feedback first hand.
4. You can join a forum website for hot dog owners and ask for some recommendations.So be prepared for the unexpected. It pays to protect your self and your company if things get out of hand. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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