Question by natalie d: I need help mating my dogs!!!?
Okay, first I know most will say “your not a breeder so spay your dogs” or ” go adopt a dog”, but regardless, if anyone has some helpful advise it would be much appreciated. My two dogs are both virgins (he’s 5 and she’s 2) and he is much shorter then she is. She is almost finished this heat (she’s at day 13 or so with less then 1 week to go max) and he is having the hardest time. Are there any tricks that might be helpful? It is getting annoying watching him try so hard and just miss every time!!
They are both of the same breed, he is just shorter then she is. She is accepting him and even bends down a bit, but he just doesn’t know where to put it. I do have homes lined up for the puppies when they do decide to come and I am a huge animal advocate, so I do know about the poor homeless animals out there. Call me greedy, because I would like a grandpuppy before I fix them both (which I have all intentions of doing after atleast 1 litter.) I have tried holding her while my boyfriend tries putting a pillow under him, but it just isn’t working.

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Answer by tailsnnails
Try to put the male dog on a higher surface try to help the poor little guy and see if he will still do it while you hold onto him.

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