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Munrab Entertainment plans to hold the world’s first “Canine Concert” on May 9th, from noon to 1 pm, at Wooldridge Square (900 Guadalupe) in Austin, Texas, an event where live music is played at a sound level only dogs can hear.

Munrab plans to have special audio equipment on hand to adjust the live music the dogs will hear. Just as a dog whistle sounds at a level canines can hear but people can’t, the Canine Concert will have a band playing their music aimed at the pitch dogs will enjoy.

The loudness of a sound is measured in ‘phons,’ which is defined asnumerically equal to the sound intensity in ‘db’ relative to a sound pressure 0.0002 dynes/cm^2 of a single frequency of 1000 cycles/sec.

Typically, a dog whistle is within the range of 16000 Hz to 22000 Hz with only the frequencies below 20000 Hz audible to the human ear. The Canine Concert will use special equipment to adjust the live music so only dogs can hear it.

Anyone can bring their dogs, as long as they are on leashes. Canines may bring musical instruments, as well.

Most dog barks are neither high nor low in pitch but rather a mixture. They start fairly high, then drop in pitch. These send mixed messages: “Go away, come here.”

The reason that low-pitched sounds are threatening is probably because larger animals tend to make them. Pitch decreases with body size in mammals simply because vocal cords become longer and must vibrate at lower frequencies. When we hear a deep voice, we think big person and we are usually right.

This dog owner is very concerned of the effects that these sounds may have on the dogs. Will these sounds be able to make a normally passive dog become aggressive? Will it incite the whole dog crowd into attacks? Will it agitate the dogs, hurt the dogs, upset the dogs?

The dog owner is very afraid that not enough research has gone into the possible effects of these sounds on the dogs.

High pitched sounds break your dog’s barking habits, that’s what certain dog training equipment does. What will they do in a dog concert? Will it frighten the dogs beyond their ability to cope? Or, if low sounds are used, will it incite the dogs into “protection” mode, causing them to become dangerous?

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