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Baby and Dog Invent Their Own Game

Free Basic Dog Training Tips

Bishop, CA (PRWEB) June 9, 2006

Dog owners worldwide are constantly searching for free basic dog training tips or ways to solve a dog behavior issue.

It may be Dog Barking, Dog Aggression, Dog Digging, Dog Biting, Dog Marking, Dog Growling, Dog Jumping, Dog Licking, or Dog Whining to name a few.

Traditional training methods required a dog owner to hire a professional trainer to solve a dog behavior problem. Quite often the price and scheduling made it to difficult to complete. Then came the internet and Traditional dog training methods were re-defined. Many professional dog trainers capitalized on the Internet information boom and now provide their expertise online.

Anyone can now learn how to train their dog in the comfort of their own homes, set their own schedules, at a fraction of the cost. There are eBooks, CD-Rom’s, DVD’s, Books, Video, and many more methods of training available online with just a click of a button.

Professional trainers using these types of media methods can reduce their costs therefore passing on the savings to the person in need.

So when seeking out a professional trainer see if they offer free basic dog training tips or training material online. There is a world of information out there available in many different formats.

How to choose a proper dog training program for you and your dog can also be very difficult. Searching for information on the Internet can be great most of the time, but it can also be difficult to say the least.

In the business of Dog Training most customers are using search engines to seek information about Dog Training. After searching most become confused because of so many programs claiming to be the best. They start out searching for one and now have 20 or more to choose from. There are plenty of ways to narrow this down and ultimately get the best Dog Training program for you and your dog.

Here are some examples of how anyone can do this:

There are eBooks that will show you how to choose exactly what program is best for you and your dog. Quite simple and very effective.

There are newsletters that will give you free basic dog training tips including an introduction to their program.

Many trainers offer free email consultation.

These are just a few ways to receive free basic dog training tips online today.

Take advantage of free basic dog training tips before you invest in a program online. And as always, insure the trainer stands behind their program with a money back guarantee.

Robert Bercume


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Tips for dog t shirts

Tips for dog t shirts

T shirts are among the most popular pieces of clothing that both men and women wear and this is mainly due to the comfort these items bring.  Whether you go for a walk in the park, shopping, or to meet a friend, the t shirt is the perfect wear and the good news is that nowadays you have plenty of choices at your disposal. At present more and more people seem to love wearing dog t shirts and online sellers strive to satisfy their customers’ preferences. Thus, if you are in the market for a dog t shirt you can be sure you will find it online!

Since t shirts are worn by both sexes, it should not be too difficult to find the right item for a friend or for your loved one and if you intend to offer such a gift, your choices are endless. When it comes to dog t shirts, pet lovers can select from a wide selection of models, colors, designs and materials according to their individual preferences and the budget they have at your disposal. You know best how much you can afford to spend on a dog t shirt and what kind of fabric you like!

Shopping online for dog t shirts is an enjoyable process but there are still a few aspects you should keep in mind before making a purchase. First of all, before you start buying anything make sure you know the exact size you need for your dog t shirt because you need to be very careful about the size and measuring your body correctly will help you avoid any sort of mistakes. Next, keep in mind that there are many online providers out there but each site has its own rules and regulations and since the Internet is the only mode of contact it is wise to read all the terms and conditions prior to making a purchase.

Once you find a reliable dog t shirts website which offers professional services and a fast and secure payment method you can go ahead and check the pieces of clothing you are interested in. However, don’t forget to read carefully all the details offered by the seller because you don’t want to purchase something you don’t like and although many sites will allow you to return the product, it is better to avoid such unpleasant situations. After all, the whole point of purchasing a dog t shirt online is to make sure you get what you have paid for!

To conclude, shopping for dog t shirts can be a lot of fun and whether you buy such items for yourselves or for your loved ones we are confident you will find numerous attractive offers. Moreover, the dog t shirt can be found at a very accessible price so you don’t need to worry about spending so much money on it and usually online there are numerous offers and discounts you can benefit from.

Do you want to purchase a lovely gift for a family member or a close friend? Does he love pets or he is very proud of his dog and he likes to show this? If the answer is yes and you want to make a pleasant surprise dog t shirts are a lovely idea. We understand how important your canine friends are for you and we do our best to come up with the most beautiful dog t shirt for you to choose from.

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Flying Dog Photos & Filmworks

Welcome to Flying Dog Photos & Filmworks: Long Island’s BEST Aerial Photography & Video. ©2010 Flying Dog Photos & Filmworks/Photostation Images LLC
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StarMark StarMints, Healthy Dog Treats

StarMark StarMints, Healthy Dog Treats

  • Low fat and low calorie treats
  • fit any interactive treat dispensing toy
  • flavors dogs love

New low fat and low calorie healthy treats fit any interactive or treat dispensing toys.

List Price: $ 2.99

Price: $ 2.49

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Innotek Lap Dog Trainer Review

Innotek Lap Dog Trainer Review

The Innotek Lap Dog Trainer from Innotek is a dog collar system that delivers a true miniaturized, lightweight collar that is just approximately 2.265 ounces including the strap and batteries.  The Innotek Lap Dog Trainer’s receiver is a stylishly designed with contours on the neck which makes it nearly invisible.  The dog trainer collar is pretty easy to use with four stimulation levels and tone selections for correction and deters your dog’s incessant and unwanted barking.  The receiver automatically signal-matches with the transmitter, this way you don’t have to worry about time consuming and tasking magnet switches.  Now you have an indoor, miniature, and lightweight collar for safe and effective correction for your dog.

The Innotek Lap Dog Trainer is a very handy dog training collar which is perfect for any dog owner who wants to correct behavioral problems and teach their dog basic compliance.  The small transmitter has four levels of continuous stimulation and a good and bad tone button.   The Innotek Lap Dog Trainer transmitter is powered by a 12 volt battery.  The receiver is powered by two 3 volt lithium batteries.  The dogtrainer collar can reach up to a range of 200 feet, enough for a household and indoor type pet dog.

The Innotek Lap Dog Trainer is specifically designed for small household dogs.  The collar receiver has just the right low level correction that is suitable for small dogs.  Pet lovers like you who demand only the best for their small household pet dog will find everything that they need from a dog training collar in the Innotek Lap Dog Trainer.

Once you purchase an Innotek Lap Dog Trainer you will get free professional training support, an Introduction to Dog Training DVD, and a limited lifetime warranty.

The Innotek Lap Dog Trainer is perfect for all your household dog training needs.  If you need the collar for deterring your pet dog’s bad behaviour or perhaps for training it to do some basic obedience actions, the iInnotek Lap Dog Trainer is great for both of these needs.  Be sure to outfit your pet dog with the best household collar trainer there is in the market.

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New dog training approach?

Question by Inga: New dog training approach?
I got this new book as a freebie when my Koehler book came. And it is very interesting. It’s called
“Taste of His Own Medicine” By Alexis Walker… an apparently new dog training star.

In it she explains the new trend in obedience training dogs. So if your dog rushes you at the door, jumping up and trying to nip you in the face, you have to beat him to it. So walk in the door get in his face and start nipping at his mouth.

For leash training, if your dog pulls, you’re supposed to continuously try to outrun him.

If he urinates on your carpet… well, you get the idea.

Has anyone heard of this new trainer or her methods? Has anyone tried them?

I don’t know if it’s for me but I’m open to anything new. It has some high praise testimonials from dog owners and an endorsement from something called the PDTC. Anyone ever heard of that?

And it has the most adorable Yorkie/Staff mix on the cover. So I might just have to give it a try.

Does this sound like something you would be willing to try on your dog? What do you think?
No jab at Koehler. Not his fault the new book was shipped in the same box. lol

Best answer:

Answer by AylaTheLearnedProtectorofAnimals
You’re kidding me right? How many more insane, lame methods are people going to come up with? Why on earth would I want to get in my dog’s face and start attempting to nip him? Why would I want to try to outrun him? That’s just ridiculous!

No, I certainly haven’t heard of this trainer or methods! Figures this trainer is now a star! It’s sad how much people lack common sense these days. It definitely shows when people will fall for a joke of a trainer like this person obviously is!

ADD: The jab at Koehler (Even if there was no jab) is fine with me! That method is cruel, dangerous, and outdated. I don’t advocate this method and I never will.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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