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My Dog has a bloodshot eye?

Question by Trixie J: My Dog has a bloodshot eye?
he’s a little over one and we’re trying to teach him to stay in our new “electric fence.” you know those electrical lines you bury to keep your dog from running away or in my case keep them from jumping the fence? That’s what we’re trying to teach him…to stop jumping the fence and stay in the yard. My 6 mo old figured it out but the 1 yr old wont. he was shocked 10+ times yesterday until we finally just decided to give up for the day. We decided to let him out this morning and again through the shock and over the fence he went. after we found him that’s when i noticed his bloodshot eye. Do you think the shocks had anything to do with it or is he just stressing because of the new thing he has to learn?

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Answer by BYBs kill dogs and puppies
Blood shot eyes are the blood vessels in the eye that have burst due to trauma your dogs eye needs looking at and build a 6 ft fence your dog will not clasp the concept of your electric fence

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Association honors county dog warden
OTTAWA — Putnam County Dog Warden Mike Schroth has been named “top dog” by a multi-county association.
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The Final SEC Preview
The SEC is the best conference in the nation when it comes to football, heck you may even call it a semi-pro football league. No one can argue that the SEC is an elite conference but, who will win it is always in question.  For the past two years Florida and Alabama have dominated the SEC beating everyone they played. Now the wind has changed and a large shift of power is about to take place …
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Dog Warden Advisory Board to meet Aug. 19
The Stark County Dog Warden Advisory Board will meet at 6 p.m. Aug. 19 at the North Branch Library to discuss various topics concerning the Stark County Dog Pound.
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Lastest “types Of Dog” News

Local vet talks about salmonella and pet food
It just may be a reason to be more cautious about what you feed your pets and how you feed them. Our Steve Ference reports on revelations that dozens of people got sick from handling dog food over the last few years and has what you need to know.
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Q&A: Loss of Pet, Deep in Despair?

Question by Alyssa: Loss of Pet, Deep in Despair?
My Springer Spaniel Jadah had been sick for two years with bad skin/ear allergies and constant infections. Her ears would get bloody and one was even closing up. Her skin was disgusting and smelly. She’d scratch, dig, lick continually and just lay on her bed looking miserable (most days). We tried two different veterinarians, did everything they suggested. Changed her diet, antibiotics, yeast medication, steroids, antihistimine shots, etc. I even tried all natural treatments at home such as vitamin e, fish oil, and apple cider vinegar. Needless to say for two years we continually tried to heal her condition and spent over ,000! We finally decided (two days ago) to euthanize her. It was the hardest decision of my life, she was my best friend. I am a total wreck, crying, and I don’t even want to eat (but I have a nursing baby so I must). I feel depression setting in. My brain won’t stop, keep thinking “what if this, what if that”. Feeling regret and guilt, thinking I should’ve tried harder. We are living on one income with a new baby and another dog, so we really couldn’t afford more vet bills. We maxed out credit card with vet bills. At the time I felt like I was making the best decision for our family and for her, she is no longer suffering. She was only 8 years old (too young to die). I did ask the vet if her condition would ever go away and he said “no, but it can be managed with meds.” The pain in my heart is horrible. I miss my dog, I’m so lonely. I want her back. Any advice? I keep beating myself up thinking I did the wrong thing…

Best answer:

Answer by Silvia BP
Please, stop blaming yourself. Your dog was in severe pain, you stopped her misery. You did her a favor. No one deserves to live in constant pain and suffering. It is ok to be sad because you miss Jadah, but please do not feel guilty. You did everything you could.

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Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food, Pacific Stream Canine Formula with Smoked Salmon, 30-Pound Bag

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Diamond Dog Food

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Q&A: How do I “re-potty train” my dog?

Question by Penny and Brodie: How do I “re-potty train” my dog?
I have a 3 year old Westie that when I got her as a 8 week old puppy, I started crate training her. She seemed to be getting it down pretty well when she got a bladder infection that reverted her right back to square one. With this infection she had a lot of accidents as she had to go often and could not hold it. Since she recovered from her infection, I have tried to crate train her and been unsuccessful. She does not poop in the house. She will whine to let me know when she has to poop and even sometimes when she has to pee. However, if I leave her alone she almost always pee’s in the house even if I take her out right before I leave and am gone for only 2 hours. When I am home, she can hold it for 4 hours or more and doesn’t seem to have an accident. I do not understand why she isn’t getting the concept of potty training. I must be doing something wrong or not doing something I should but I do not know what it is. HELP!
Another detail to mention is that when she is in her crate while I’m away she has no problem holding it.

Best answer:

Answer by moof
If she pretty much only has accidents when you’re not home (excluding occasions when you don’t take her out frequently enough and cause her to have an accident in that way), she may be manifesting symptoms of separation anxiety. That’s a wholly separate issue from housebreaking, so you’d have to deal with it in a different way. Here’s more info about separation anxiety in dogs:

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