Question by Dignity of a Dane: Animal Planet’s “Dogs 101”?
Have you ever watched the “Dogs 101” episode of your breed or other breeds you’re familiar with? Was it accurate? Way off? Did it include important information? Did it leave out things prospective owners of the breed should know? This is mostly for fun. If you would, list any things you wouldn’t associate with the breed that the show said was part of the breed.

I know I watched the Great Dane episode. I was appalled. Danes are most certainly wonderful with children. They aren’t generally biters. They definitely don’t need mountains of exercise. There’s way more than just bloat going on. Most adults I’ve seen are well above the size the show listed- by 20 lbs and 4 inches. And they are not all that difficult to train.

This is mostly for fun. Legit, just in case: Do people ever ask you questions about your dog(s) because they’re interested in the breed?

Best answer:

Answer by Kaper
I find the show extremely inaccurate. I swear they do their research on Wikipedia.
It is a shame because many people do believe it is a good source of info. I have seen such comments on here. If it was on Animal Planet, it must be true.

The German Shepherd was not good. It stated the colors of the GSD are black, black and tan and “the newest color” is white. One of the original dogs of the breed was white. It is NOT new, and it is NOT accepted.
There were a few other things that I didn’t agree with but can’t remember.

I have seen a few questions on here with questionable information as well.

Last but not least, they did an episode on “designer dogs”. Need I say more.

Legit – no.

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