Question by Michael: What are some safety tips for the dog park?
I have a German Shorthaired Pointer. He is very energetic and friendly. He enjoys going to the dog park. About a month ago, we took him to the local dog park. He is extremely not dominate (he rolls
over and licks other dogs faces). He was smelling a pit bull (not neutered) and the pit bull turned around a pinned him against a bunch and started growling. The owner wasn’t anywhere! My dog was
okay, but the real question is “What are some safety tips for the dog park?”

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Answer by walking lady
If you want to take your dog to dog parks, he has to have a 100% recall so you’re always able to call him away from dogs you feel uneasy about. YOU have to have enough dog skills to be able to recognize a potential problem before it escalates. So you need to be able to read a dog’s body language really well because there’s lots of people who take their dogs to dog parks who have no business being there.

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