Question by Jillian Glasgow: dogs natural food diet?
I already asked about this before, but everyone answered that I should feed my dog ” raw foods “( i was originally planning to feed cooked food) I did a lots of research about natural dog foods. Of course I read few articles about raw food diet. My decision was no raw food. Maybe raw food is better than cooked food and maybe I know little about the benefits of raw food for dogs. but I was confused about germs or bacterias in raw meats, poor nutritional balances and the most important problem is my dog would not eat raw meat and bones. If I’m misunderstanding about raw food, please tell me how to feed my 10lb dog raw food diet.
or if you’re going to tell cooked food, please tell me about the ratio.

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Answer by Missy-x-
Im not the best at this, but i thought I’d share. Don’t worry about feeding raw foods, what do you think they eat in the wild? they sure don’t cook what they kill (that would be interesting if they did! lol) and will often eat rotting meat and not get sick. My dog catches and kills rabbits (dont judge me, it just happens) she often tries to eat them and usualy manages to eat a little, she’s fine!

Anyway sorry i couldnt answer your question!

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