Question by S J: How do senior Siberian Huskies take to a dog wheelchair or cart?
I have a 13 year old female Siberian Husky with severe degenerative arthritis. We believe she may also have some nerve damage that is causing muscle wasting in her shoulders and legs despite daily walks and massage. My question is this: how well do senior Huskies take to carts (“dog wheelchairs”)? She is very weak in her back end, especially at the end of the day, and I’m hoping that a little extra support will help her take longer walks without as much energy expenditure. She is pretty patient about us “helping” her into the car and up stairs. She can still walk on her own, she’s just a little shaky sometimes. Our vet says she will not improve – she is on Welactin and Cosequin to keep her joints healthy, and Deramaxx to keep her out of pain. I would like to keep her mobile as long as possible. Has anyone had experience with Huskies and carts?
She is still very active, alert, and happy. She eats well and loves her walks – they are her favorite thing to do. She does have a big yard, but it’s not as much fun. The vet says the walks are good for her, as they will help keep her stronger longer. I just worry that she will exhaust herself on the walks, and make the weakness worse in her back legs. I thought a cart might help support her weight so she could enjoy the walks even more.

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Answer by gtrgirl96
not well it makes them to week and they need to stay on them to make them strong but if she is in that bad of condition then u need to get him one or HUMANELY uthinize him but only uthinize him as a last last last resort not if u can get a cart only uthinize him if he is suffering and not a moment before because it is wrong to kill animals and i am against it until they are suffering and u dont want them to suffer

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