Question by cheese b: Can I take my neighbor’s dog?
I would say that my neighbors are abusing their dog, but the law would not. They don’t keep her chained to a tree or anything, but they sure don’t care about her. Here’s why the law would be on the neighbor’s side:
-the dog gets food…sometimes
-the dog gets water…sometimes
-the dog gets shelter, if you call a wooden box (with one side missing) “shelter”
-the dog is not chained

but here’s why I say she is abused:
-she doesn’t get food or water on a regular basis
-she doesn’t get medical attention
-she doesn’t get groomed or bathed
-they never let her inside (even when the temperature was 8 degrees F)
-they NEVER, EVER play with her (when they happen to go into the backyard for some reason, she is COMPLETELY ignored, despite her very obvious signs of affection and desire to be loved)

The dog doesn’t have a collar, and she gets out of the fence once in a blue moon. She knows me, because I will pet her over the fence whenever I have the chance. So, I’d be willing to bet that, in the dog’s mind, I am her owner.

My question: on one of these rare occasions that the dog is out of the fence, can I take her? Of course going into the neighbor’s yard is an obvious criminal act, but if the dog gets out, with no collar, is she then “fair game” and would the law be on my side? We are preparing to move so we shouldn’t have the dog in our yard for the neighbors to see.

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Answer by Jackson+Remi+Molly=Family
Sorry, it’s your neighbor’s dog regardless of where it is. She could be 100 miles away- of your neighbor claims her, it’s his. If you know the dog is your neighbors,and you take it without intending to return it, it’s theft. Sorry.

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