Angels for Shelter Dogs

Angels for shelter dogs are also known as dog rescue transport volunteers and coordinators. What these volunteers do saves countless dogs from being euthanized due to overcrowding in shelters.

The way it works is when a shelter’s space begins to be limited for additional dogs, a call goes out to a volunteer who handles the coordination of transporting the dogs from the shelter to dog rescue groups. This is much easier said than done! The process is very detailed and one glitch can cancel the entire arrangement.

The two groups that the volunteer coordinates are the rescuers and the transporters. The rescuers rehabilitate the dogs, network with other groups and find homes for the dogs. The transporters actually ferry the dogs to the rescuers, many times at their own cost.

The coordinator makes the calls, ensures the drivers have maps, chooses a meeting point, does all the paperwork to get the dogs out of the shelter and into dog crates or dog carriers, makes sure there are leashes and collars, and that their vaccinations are current. All of this costs money!

The volunteers’ reward comes when the dogs are placed in foster homes and then adopted by a loving owner. Countless hours are donated by these caring volunteers. They do a real service to their communities by saving lives, as well as saving taxpayer money.

If you’d like to get involved, please contact your local shelter and volunteer, or provide a cash donation to help defray the costs of this worthwhile endeavor.

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