Question by Andrew: what is wrong with my dog?
i think my dog is in pain. she is one year and loves to chew and shred things. I noticed this morning she was discomforted in her mouth. chattering or shivering, almost like she has something maybe in her gums or something lodged in her mouth. She is “pawing” at her nose constantly and wouldnt eat her dry food but ate canned food.I have a feeling her jaw is yelping or unusual whimpering after she eats. what advice do you have?

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Answer by Laura
Make an appointment with the vet. It may not need to be an emergency one, but if she stops drinking, seems lethargic, has vomiting/diarrhea, and generally doesn’t seem like herself, you need to make it an emergency one.

Either way, a vet is the way to go.

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