Smart Methods For Treating Dog Cancer

Cancer has become one of the most dreaded and the most hated word in the modern world. As incidences among both humans and their pets go up, the scramble to look for effective methods and options for treating dog cancer becomes a race.

Liver cancer in dog can be one of the toughest situations for a pet owner to face. Not only is the likelihood of losing the pet soon a reality, probably worse is the prospect of seeing her suffer through the agonies of the disease and its treatment.

The symptoms of various kinds of cancer in the dog can vary. In liver cancer in dog, symptoms range from recurrent abdominal or gastrointestinal problems, depression and lethargy, fluid accumulation in the belly, and jaundice, to seizures, weight loss, and so on. They are generalized enough to be often misinterpreted and ignored until the diseased is far progressed. Treating dog cancer in the later stages is much more difficult, and prognosis is proportionally lower.

Diagnosis involves physical examination, scans and biopsies, and treating dog cancer is a matter of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Tumors are first identified, and the diagnosis of cancer confirmed by biopsy. The malignant tumor can then be removed by surgery, followed by radiation or chemo treatment to eliminate any remaining cancerous cells. However, this method of treating dog cancer is only effective, or recommended, in the initial stages. Later stages, where the cancer spreads to other organs, do not respond well to surgery.

Alternative and holistic methods of treatment can improve the quality of life, and even the lifespan sometimes, making a big difference in the lives of both the pet and the owner. A healthy diet, and herbal or homeopathic remedies, alongside the chemotherapy, can mean a much less horrendous time for the pet. In some cases, using homeopathy or herbal remedies for <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’);” href=”“>treating dog cancer</a> can even make a huge difference in the remission rate.

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