Dog Training Advice to Guarantee You Will Have a Super Dog

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The best dog is a well-mannered dog, and to get to a well-mannered dog by teaching him the basics such as sitting, heeling, and sitting is easier than you think. Read on for some tips that can get you started.

Being a dog owner can certainly bring you a lot of joy and your dog is after all can give you much companionship. But why is it that one dog can be so obedient and other isn’t, one can heel or comes when his is told, while another is so undisciplined? If your dog is more like the latter dog, you will need to look for and invest in some good dog training advice especially when it come to some basic dog training.

Beginning to expose your dog at a young age to dog training is an example of good dog training advice. Training at this time will be crucial as the first few months of your dog’s life is when you will have the best chance to mold and shape him into the dog he is going to become when he becomes a fully grown adult dog.

Remember that good dog training advice can help make any dog training improve the bond between you and your dog, and bring about mutual respect.

Where can you go to get good advice in dog training? Well first there is the Association of Dog Trainers or ADPT. Their website provides information on where to fine dog trainers, as well as advice on how to select a dog trainer, education events, dog trainer tips, and so many other areas of dog training advice.

I recommend Secrets to Dog Training as a good resourse on dog training.

Another good resource for dog training advice and obedience training is the American Kennel Club. Their site provide information on dog training resources. They can also provide information on clubs that can help assist you in training your dog.

If you go online you can also find information on specialized training, obedience clubs and organizations listed by state.

Some general dog training advice is contained in the following:

Always reward or praise your dog for doing what is told correctly. This is something you must do consistently when training your dog. Rewarding can include just giving praise, petting him, or even just giving him food.

Never punish or scold your dog during training as this can create negative feeling in your dog. Punishment can lead to aggression and other behavior problems. Instead use positive dog training which consists of ignoring a dogs bad behavior and rewarding the good behavior. Positive dog training puts the attention on what the dog is doing right.

You can penalize your dog when he does something that he shouldn’t. Don’t confuse the word ‘penalize’ with ‘punish’. An example of a penalty could be a jerk on his leash when he starts to stray on a walk. Training your dog should also be fun for you and your dog, it does not have to be such and ordeal each day. Also do not forget to reward your dog and yourself for all the “hard” work you both enjoyed! It should be fun for you and your dog, and not have to be hours and hours each day, it can just may be 5 minutes or so.

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