Diet and its Role in Dog Cancer

Hearing that a loved one has cancer is never easy no matter whether that loved one is a human or a beloved pet. Not long ago, hearing that a person or a pet had cancer was paramount to a death sentence. However, those days are quickly fading as humans and animals are living longer and even begin cured of cancer. It is important to note that cancer in dogs is much like cancer in people in that cancer is really a group of different diseases. The ways that dog cancer can develop in your dog’s body are different depending upon the cancer and the type.

There are a variety of causes for cancer and medical science has found that there are at least five different and distinct causes of dog cancer. One primary contributor to canine cancer is diet. Just as a poor diet in humans can lead to many preventable cancers, the same can be said for dog cancer. As it turns out, there are all sorts of chemicals and compounds that have made their way into dog food that can eventually lead to dog cancer.

Three major potential canine cancer culprits are BHA, which stands for butlated hydroxyanisole, BHT or butylated hyroxytoluene and ethoxyquin. All three compounds are commonly found in dog food and are sited by veterinarians who specialize in cancer as being a source of dog cancer.
Medical science has shown that these compounds are responsible for a wide range of health problems in animals. For example, ethoxyquin can cause organ failure and skin problems in addition to cancer and other significant problems. In studies done with rats, ethoxyquin has been shown to increase the incidents of kidney and bladder cancers.

There can be no real doubt that there is a link between diet, nutrition, health and dog cancer. Just as numerous studies have clearly shown that there is a link between human diet and cancer, the same causal link has been proven between other mammals.

Armed with such information about dog cancer, it is thus critically important to give your dog as healthy of a diet as possible. Offer your dog food that is free of chemicals and preservatives and made from healthy ingredients. Ordering food online is always an option if you don’t see food you are satisfied with in your local stores. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian for more information and ideas regarding your pet’s diet. Also it is important to continue to gather information on your own to make the best possible informed decision. is one of the leading canine cancer Care Center for Dog Cancer Treatment. We provide the latest technology of cancer care that remains your dog happy and healthy.

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