Question by Proud: How do I keep my dog from chewing everything!?
I have a 6+ month Corgi mix. I can’t get her to stop chewing. I understand the “separation anxiety” chewing that she does if we leave the house, but if I am playing with the kids in another room, she’s in the living room chewing on chair legs, her leash, her crate…. everything! She’ll do well for a week or two. She knows which toys are hers to chew on. Then, all of the sudden, she’ll go back to chewing up shoes and such. She even tries to eat pebbles when she’s outside in the yard. We swear she’s part goat!

She stays with me MOST of the time, we keep the bedroom doors closed when no one is in there, we put her outside or in her crate when we leave the house and we keep things picked up off the floor the best we can (with two small children) and she still finds things to chew! Today, she chewed up her second leash in a month. She literally had to climb and jump to get to it. Why is she so desperately seeking out things to chew?

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Answer by Jennie
There is a bitter apple spray that they sell at petco that should help with the chewing. Also letting your pup no in a stern voice and rewarding positive behavior

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