Dog Allergy Symptoms and the Remedies Available

The first remedy that doctors offer to people affected by allergies because of their pets is to give them up. However, this is devastating to may pet owners for they love their dogs or cats a lot. You do not need to give up your dog due to dog allergy symptoms because you can take advantage of the many remedies available.

You experience allergies to pets because your immune system overreacts to their dander, urine or saliva. These allergens cause an immune system reaction in your body leading to symptoms such as itchy or red eyes, coughing, wheezing, short breath, stuffy nose, skin rash and posts nasal drip. The level of dog allergy symptoms that you experience depends on how severely your body reacts to allergens.

The best remedy for pet allergies is to change your home environment in some ways. One way to do this is to keep your dog outside. The other remedy is to have a separate room where the dog will stay. If these options are not good for you, you can consider installing air filters in your house, which will trap many airborne particles that cause allergies. The other remedy is to wash the bed that your dog sleeps in or the favorite blanket that it sleeps on regularly. Cleaning the largest amount of dog hair you can is essential in preventing dog allergy. You can accomplish this by having a relative who does not experience these allergies clean up the area where the dog stays for you.

The other remedy for pet allergy is medications. The medications that you can buy over the counter for allergies include decongestants, antihistamines, nasal sprays, eye drops and Claritin. These medications will relieve allergy symptoms. The other option you have is to get allergy shots that will prevent allergies for a long time. These shots help the body in building up its tolerance to allergens reducing your immune response to allergens that you will encounter in the future.

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