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Andrew Lewis’ 4 year old dog Noble died from terminal kidney disease. It was brought on by the deadly toxins which were in the commercial tinned dog food that he had been feeding Noble on. Following Nobles death, Andrew began to do some research into the world of commercial dog food manufacturing.

The results of this research were, to be frank,startling.

Andrew used his findings to write what has now become the number 1 selling on-line book on dog food and nutrition, called ‘Dog Food Secrets’. Some of the facts he discloses in this book are simply appalling. He claims that known cancer-causing chemicals are regularly used to produce commercial dog food. He claims that our pet dogs could be at risk of developing mad cow disease from consuming commercial dog food, as the method used to process the carcasses of euthanized animals for use in the dog food does not kill off this disease. Another of his claims is that the chemical given to euthanize these animals does not break down in the processing, and so can be found in the final dog food product.

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Thankfully, ‘Dog Food Secrets’ offers us a healthy alternative for our dog. In ‘Dog Food Secrets’, he gives us 55 of the best, healthiest recipes for dog food, as well as 8 super snacks for dogs which you can make yourself from fruit. It also tells you which protein types will be best for building your dogs muscle mass, which are the six best grain types to feed to your dog, as well as five ‘human’ breakfasts that dogs go crazy for. Amongst many more startling facts in the book, the author gives us a list of 20 human foods which, if given to dogs, can have lethal consequences.

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Dog Food Secrets comes in three different package levels – gold, silver and bronze. A confidential Dog Food Report is included with the gold package, whilst all 3 packages come with an additional free ‘Doggy Treat Recipe Book’.
Andrew Lewis is so confident that you will love this book that he offers to give a full refund to anyone who isn’t – as well as letting them keep the book!

It’s my belief that all dog owners should read this book. It’s fair to say that at times this book reveals some very unpleasant and worrying facts, but it may just save your dog from developing a potentially fatal condition.

I feel very fortunate to have come across this book, and I strongly advise you to consider buying it – your dog would thank you for it…

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Here is a youtube link of news footage I found of Rendering Plants. You should be worried.. processing diseased animals into dog food does not kill TSE(Mad Cow Disease). Mad cow is an infectious disease in the brain of cattle. Humans and animals who become infected, usually by eating tissue from diseased cattle, will die of a similar brain disease that may develop over many years. It basically puts holes in the brain. Recycling at its worse that has become a deadly cycle for all of us. Don’t want to believe this video beacuse its just pictures? Go do some research and you might find things that are worse. Pet food products have been linked to causes of many diseases, cancers, death and many more problems in our pets. Another thing that comes from rendering plants is an indredient in alot of our household products called “tallow”. It can be used in crayons,bar soap, candles, oil, cosmetics cleaning products and even lubricant. Tallow is the hard fat contained by the animals that end up at rendering plants. Everyday, hundreds of rendering plants across the US truck millions of tons of this “food enhancer” to poultry ranches,cattle feed-lots,dairy and hog farms,fish feed plants and pet food manufacters where it is mixed with other ingredients to feed the billions of animals that us meat-eating humans,in turn,will eat too… If this doesnt make you want to become a vegetarian and feed your dog homemade food….I don’t think anything will.. Here are some of the
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