Choose Your Own Proper Type Of Agility Dog Training Equipment To Teach Your Pets

You are a fan of dogs and go to the nearest pet shop and buy a puppy that is simply adorable. The next step would be to train it. Of course there are many dog trainers who could do the perfect job of training your puppy once it is old enough to do it. But such trainers can be very costly. Why waste money when you could do the training yourself. There are different types of training, out of which agility training is one method.

Agility training requires an individual to have the proper set of agility dog training equipment. But before talking about this equipment, let’s first understand what agility training is all about.

Agility training teaches your dog to navigate an obstacle course quite successfully without any help at all. Once the training is complete, your dog will be able to do these simply by obeying your commands. If your dog is a Pit Bull, it is all the better as agility training gives them the chance to use their fullest potential of using their energy. Agility dog training equipment can be very expensive. This is why many home trainers prefer to have their own type of agility dog training equipment ready for their dog.

Although there are different types of agility dog training equipment, we can take five pieces as the start for a process. The agility equipment can be easily made from materials found at your home. It is very handy and less expensive than having to buy the real supplies.

The first type of agility dog training equipment you could use is the jump. Having two bars set crosswise in between two uprights will fulfill the criteria of the jump. The first bar will actually help the dog jump over it while the second bar will act as a visual aid for it to see the jump.

The weave poles and the tunnel can be taken as the second and third types of agility dog training equipment. Getting hold of some poles and sticking them on the ground by adjusting a little space between them will help your dog move through them. The tunnel is another type of agility dog training equipment that comes in the open or pipe kind and also in chute or collapsed tunnel form.

A dog walk or a seesaw will teach the dog about contact obstacles while a pause table will help it perform a ‘sit’ command on a table for the judge to see.

Penny Mena has been a dog owner since childhood, so she has experienced a vast array of dog behaviors. The review of Agility Dog Training Equipment has been done with these experiences in mind. For more information, please go to Dog Training .

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