Question by AniMicke: Help me decide choosing a (i)Mac or Pc?
So i was thinking of buying a Mac. Simply because I hear it’s the dream of dreams..
I also hear a lot that the only difference from a PC to a Mac is that Mac is simply white. How true is this`?

So my plan for this Mac is:
-Watch movies, since literally watch movies all the time. and what wouldn’t be better to watch movies on a 27″ screen?
-Gaming. Now here I get a lot of pissed faces. Because all I know simply screams out..”huhuhu, you can’t do gaming on a Mac, you adopted dog!”. Well in My case, I can. I am actually only interested in 3 games only. And that is WoW (World of warcraft), Starcraft and Diablo. Which is all Approveded.

The Mac I am planning to buy:

I will choose one of the two to the left.
Please guide me through this choise of horror xD

Best answer:

Answer by Derek
Wow, those are way more expensive than they should be. You can buy computers with the same specs but from a Windows PC company for at least 3/4 the price, maybe even less.

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