For the Wellness of Your Pets, Dog Food Rating is Very Important

There are so many various dog foods on the market nowadays and there are various points of view about the premium ingredients, developed processes and supplements to choose from and it will be a challenge to pick the right dog food for your pet.

There are ways to do a basic dog food analysis from the premium dog food, natural dog food to organic dog food. You have to take into consideration the dog food ingredients over these many types of dog food.

There are different methods of rating your dog food that doesn’t requires a degree in math or science; however you need to concentrate to be able to realize how to make a premium dog food comparison in accordance to its quality or the presence of certain ingredients needed for the wellness of your dog.

You can start by examining and rating the dog food you are currently using and make dog food comparisons over against the brand you want to try. Be cautious about the following ingredients in your choice of dog food such as:

Meat by products: These are pet grade meat by products that consists of organs and parts such as bones, intestines, lungs, ligaments, head, feet and feathers that were either not desired or deprecated for human consumption.

Corn products because it is difficult for dogs to digest.

Food fragments may include wheat bran and brewers rice which is the waste product of the alcohol industry. These are the lower cost by products of another manufacturing food processing that may be harmful for the health of your canine.

Meat and bone meal are low-cost sources of animal protein. The protein in this kind of meal contains large amount of bone that is difficult to digest and fall short to give enough nutrition for your dog.

Animal fat is a nonspecific source of fat that is usually made up of formulated animal fat, restaurant grease or other oils too rotten and believed unfit for human consumption. Search for a label fat source like poultry or chicken fat that is naturally preserved.

Chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin are possible cancer causing agent that may be ultimately harmful for your dog.

Sweeteners like syrup from corn, sugar and cane molasses usually gives additional appeal but lower quality for the health of your pet. It can only heighten the risk of health problems such as diabetes.

Rating your dog food will help you to have a quality dog food and right guidance in choosing between apparently equal brands in the market. Making some research about the couple of varieties of dog food will give you enough information about the nutrients you can get from a certain dog food products.

This dog food rating will give you an assurance of providing the finest, safest, suitable and healthiest dog food. Dogs also need balance diet with a large variety of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals to keep him healthy. And the good way of rating and selecting the right dog food for your pet is to read the label before giving it to your canine.

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