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Question by uVme: I need to know “how to brush my dogs teeth” ?
As told, i really need to know “how to brush my dogs teeth” ?

I have some doubts about this, I just checked out this Squidoo Lens
where I get some good information, but it seems quite a bit difficult to actually “brush my dogs teeth”. There was a video which explained it well but made me more worried to get this done.

I have a 5 year old terrier mix which wont stay still no way.

Seams I’ve relaxed with this too long as his breath is a little bit strong. Well, I give him bones and cookies, so he has not very dirty teeth, but it’s his breath which disturb’s me.

Are there any other ways to clean his teeth, any dog mouth sprays or mental pills or some available. No joke, my siter in law actually gives to here dog suggar free mental candy, like Mentos.

Let me have your opinion please.

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Answer by Nearly-Dr Ferox
A vet can clean your dogs teeth under anaesthesia, which is a very thorough clean, and should be kept in mind if you don’t manage to clean his teeth or get his breath under control.

Brushing your dog’s teeth is the same as brushing your teeth, getting the dog to sit still is the hardest part. Some dog’s wont tollerate it, and if that’s the case getting themt o spend time chewing will help. Raw bones (some people will disagree with raw bones, but they’re fine under supervision if they’re too big to be swallowed), Kongs, greenies etc that get your dog chewing will help to keep his teeth clean. Cookies don’t do that much really, it’s the ammount of time chewing that’s important.

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